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Raiders of the Broken Planet Won’t Run In Native or Checkerboard 4K On Xbox One X And PS4 Pro

However, both versions will have resolutions above 1080p with an improved frame rate as per Mercury Steam.

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Community338d ago
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rpvenom338d ago ShowReplies(4)
deadfrag338d ago

Im glad they are aiming for 60fps lock at 1080p or 1440p instead of 4K at 30fps!

InKnight7s338d ago

Finally someone spoke with ultimate reasonable target, 2k with 60fps is far better than 4k with 30fps not even locked is some cases. This mid gen console jump from 1080p to 2160p is awkward and weird. Why not targeting more physics effects and higher texture setting for 1080p 60fp? I think sony and ms want to support 4K TVs and Screens market and push it as they pushed FHD market.

letsa_go338d ago

No it isn't better. That is just your opinion. I prefer 4k/30. Does that make it! That is just my opinion.

agent4532338d ago

From Sony I understand their push for 4K and that is Sony sells 4K tvs. But in all Sony and Microsoft decided to play it safe and released a 2010 mid range gaming PC. Both console manufacturers could of easily released the PS4 Pro/Xbox One X at the beginning of this generation but greed and the ability to sell a console at a profit not loss was too much for these console manufacturers to pass on.

frostypants338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

@InKnight7s: "Why not targeting more physics effects and higher texture setting for 1080p 60fp?"

Because marketing. These aren't even truly 4K systems...they can get there but they are desperately gasping for air when they do. People don't appreciate how much power 4K takes vs. 1080p or 2K. It's silly...too many devs are sacrificing quality in order to hit goals set by console marketing departments.

frostypants338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

@agent4532: "But in all Sony and Microsoft decided to play it safe and released a 2010 mid range gaming PC."

I agree these consoles aren't true 4K hardware, but this statement is wrong. The One X in particular is absolutely the equivalent of a current mid-range gaming PC, if we agree that a mid-range gaming PC would have a GTX 1060 or RX 480, which we should, as those are the most popular GPUs right now and that's roughly what the One X has.

shloobmm3338d ago

Most of the Xs games are targeting those increased effects. It's a handful that don't while majority do.

indyman7777338d ago

@letsa_go Horizon Zero dawns backs up everything you just said. I can't go back to 1080p on horizon when I can play 4k hdr @30fps. It is just tooooooo beautiful!

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frostypants338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

It's the smarter trade off for sure. 4K vs. 2K is hard to notice in the real world, if people would actually take the time to compare. About the only exception is live content shot with a 4K camera. 60fps vs. 30fps is WAY more obvious for the average person.

timotim338d ago

I mean... not all devs are made equally. Some devs are just more talented then others. Nothing to be upset about. Hopefully they can do great work and ship a good product regardless.

TheColbertinator338d ago

Some devs are also working with smaller budgets. 4K is in its infancy on consoles so not every developer is ready yet to go UHD

RadicalCannibal338d ago

That is one broke planet if it cant even do chequer board

Obscure_Observer338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

No every developer is a master of their craft.

Silly Mammo338d ago

But are they masters of their domain?

indyman7777338d ago

Not sure if you meant to imply that if your not about to hit 4k then your not a master of your craft. But it does say something for what people expect from a good Developer.

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