Switch sales slower in the UK than other markets; ahead of Xbox One for 2017, behind PS4

Switch is doing well in almost every part of the world. But according to GamesIndustry publisher and former MCV editor Christopher Dring, sales are slower in the UK compared to other markets.

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Eonjay11d ago

Technically the PS4 is ahead in the US and Europe for 2017 too. The only region with more Switch sales is Japan. Furthermore we don't know if the Switch is behind the PS4 because of supply or not. I think that is the more interesting argument. I guess what I asking is the PS4 winning because it has stock or is the Switch losing because it doesn't have stock? To be fair we know it the PS4 who is winning in UK, because they have had so many exclusive number 1 rankings on their charts.

BIGBOSS0811d ago

even with stock, i doubt the switch will reach ps4 levels of 18m-20m sold a year. maybe it can do 15m at best. it may be more popular than the ps4 in japan but it wont touch ps4 in the rest of the world.

ocelot0711d ago

Could be the case for other country's but I doubt it for the UK. Switch stock has been plentiful for a good month or so now.

michellelynn097611d ago

What good exclusives? I mean seriously! They have Horizon Zero Dawn, Blood Borne, Uncharted, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ....

3-4-510d ago

Nintendo reported they could have produced 18-20 million Switch's if not for the supply constraint on that one chip.

They will probably only get like 10-12 million made at best but in 2018 they will have a better chance of meeting that 20 million mark for the year of 2018 as the supply should open up more.

Apple is hoarding them for their iphone X

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LoveSpuds11d ago

I think a big consideration is that broadly speaking, outside of those working London, commuting any real distance to your place of work is relatively unusual and I think this has a real impact on the popularity of portable gaming.

I have many colleagues who are gamers but none of them have a portable gaming device other than their mobile phones. I think that it is generally the younger demographic who had the Nintendo handhelds previously in the UK and the Switch is perhaps a bit too expensive to buy as a plaything for you young kids.

michellelynn097610d ago

Horrible control over hackers, a lot of crashes and bugs because the system takes too much to develop for, less quality exclusives because of lay offs, not giving cross play, and their inability to add anything new to gaming. And, I love Nintendo, but Nintendo made a lot of mistakes during the Wii era, but they were no1. Being no1 does not make you the best. Nintendo got punished for trying to rely on their name (the Wii U) Sony is scathing by because of their fan base who doesn't seem to care what they do to them.


michellelynn097611d ago

For putting out a machine that has hardly no good exclusives. Sony is doing a lot wrong, but the media will not even touch it hardly. Sony has done a lot wrong, Nintendo still does some things wrong and so does Microsoft, but Sony is really making a lot of mistakes, but their fans let them get away with it. UK is obsessed with Sony.

InTheLab10d ago

So the company with the most sold is making the most mistakes but still outselling the competition?

What mistakes?

PhoenixUp12d ago

This is not a good sales year for Xbox One

Lime12312d ago

Yep. In their strongest market -US - PS4 outsells it 2:1 for this year.

PhoenixUp12d ago

I'm not just talking about in comparison to its competition, I'm saying how XO sales compare to its sales in the past years

moldybread11d ago

I think it's a combination of two things. Some are likely holding out for the XB1X and Microsoft hasn't done much at all this year. Lots of delayed games, cancelled projects, lukewarm E3 with no big surprises for upcoming games.

They are no longer able to escape the criticism of the lack of games. This is why Aaron Greenberg and others are working overtime trying to oversell their current line-up.

MegamanXXX11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

This all started back in 2013 with Microsoft its too late for them this gen. Is that why you haven't bought an XBOX one yet🤔

Eonjay11d ago

As I said above, when you look at the UK charts, Sony as had many of the top selling games. To play those games, people need consoles. Thats just a winning strategy. This is why Xbox isn't selling at the same rate.

sk8ofmnd11d ago

Thats what ppl said 3-6 months before the xb1 slim launched when sales for the og xb1 fell off a cliff... And then the xb1 slim sold great until the end of 2016 and then xb1 slim sales fell off a cliff... But noww its because of the xb1x... See a trend here? What happens when the xb1x sales are great for the first 3-6 months and then 👎

GamingCentaur11d ago

People looking forward to XB1x are existing owners. At least the majority. It’s an enthusiast product aimed at hardcore fans.

RealMadridFan11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

The truth is that Xbone is getting totally REJECTED, sales are facts, can't discuss with facts.

And you playing the victim card around here? That's hilarious, and sad. xD

MegamanXXX is right, he is a good user around here, unlike you that is always trolling.

Dragonscale11d ago

Come on moldy how pathetic. Talk about hypocrisy cry baby.

Liqu1d11d ago

Why don't you own an Xbox?

Aura754111d ago


The argument that consumers are holding out for the XB1X is flawed. For instance, you would think that not only would the consumers hold off on getting an XB1, but also hold off on getting a PS4 since the XB1X will be the most powerful console when it launches. However, when you look at the NPD numbers for June and July, the PS4 has been performing better than it did in June & July 2016 by a significant margin even after Microsoft revealed their midgen console.

The second flaw to the argument is the audience the XB1X caters to. It's catered to the Xbox enthusiast crowd who cares about power. Like how a significant portion of PS4 Pro buyers already owned a PS4 beforehand, a large fraction of XB1X future buyers already own an XB1. In fact, it is likely that the fraction will be larger among XB1X buyers because of the larger price disparity in context of the Pro and XB1X's launches. When the Pro launched, the PS4's entry price was $300 which was then cut down to $250 for the holiday season vs the Pro's $400 price tag. For the XB1X, the XB1S costs $250 which will be but down to $200 for the holiday season while the XB1X will sell for $500. The price disparity is substantially larger between the XB1X and XB1S.

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PhoenixUp11d ago

I really doubt the majority of prospective Xbox One owners are turning down cheap deals for the console just to get the premium edition later on. The XO will sell mainly to the hardcore audience, not the mainstream.

Xbox One definitely doesn't have a lack of new games to play when you actually have the console, just a lack of new games to specifically buy the console for.

lelo2play11d ago

Maybe Microsoft learned their lesson. Without exclusives, you don't sell consoles.

RosweeSon11d ago

Have they had a good sales year this Gen? 😉✌🏻🤓

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Automatic7911d ago

I am a die hard Xbox fan and I can tell you that as far as Xbox One first party they were lacking in 2017. They took a major L. However, with that being said I am still looking forward to purchasing the Xbox One X, Cuphead, PUBG, Super Lucky's Tales and Forza 7. Plus 2018 is looking really good.

Kribwalker11d ago

You can't deny that first party games were lacking this year, but there have been a tonne of good multiplats plus I've been playing older PS4 exclusives too that I bought for cheap and Zelda killed over a month of gaming for me. So it was ok. I'm looking forward to the future games though on the X

jstark11d ago

"I am a die hard Xbox fan" thats not something you should admit to

prankster10111d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I have more faith in MS than I do in Nintendo. MS are struggling right now, but Nintendo are a has-been hero for nearly a decade - much like Atari before it.

I really hope MS can turn it around. Because for them to be beaten by Nintendo will be truly embarrassing indeed.

sk8ofmnd10d ago

I kind of get why a ms fan would be excited about the games you named... But super luckys tale? That game looked really uninspiring to me. That unveiling was cringeworthy to watch... Just looked like a run of the mill platformer with no new gaming mechanics. Jump sround and grab those collectables... Yawn

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Kikutaro11d ago

I love how the UK market is the exact opposite of the Japan market

RosweeSon11d ago

I'm from U.K by apart from all the RPG's and JRPG's I tend to get my gaming with a Japanese flavour... Sony Nintendo 🙌🏻🙏 27995; I understand why Switch may not be doing great over here I myself could have waited really only got it as my cousin was getting one then week or 2 later he sold his cos he was skint 🙄Safe to say I wouldn't sell mind still not played Zelda but played loads more Mario Kart than I did on Wii U and loving every second the console is a fantastic idea and alongside my PS4 I'm expecting a good 2-3 years of very happy gaming,
Switch sales will pick up once Mario drops as it's looking fantastic and also a few other big games, smash Bros port would be great but yeah £279.99 in U.K until it drops below £249.99 and with a game maybe then you'll see U.K sales start picking up.

Dalailana11d ago

UK is nintendo's weakest market so ehh we been knew.

What is surprising is the floppage of Xbox.

DreadGara11d ago

Tew sousand end syvntein ez tha yeer of da Eksbocs 😎

RosweeSon11d ago

Why is Xbox being a flop surprising it's been a flop since day one, not a patch on 360 even with all its reliability issues Xbox one is average so it's being a flop is no surprise to me

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