Okami HD Officially Announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC with First 4K Screenshots and Trailer

Capcom reached out with a press release to make the HD remaster of Okami official, aptly titled Okami HD.

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Nyxus9d ago

Great for those who missed it (or just want to replay it). The box looks very nice too!

Neonridr9d ago

lets hope this time they don't ship it with a watermark visible :P

Abriael9d ago

daaaamn, I should have watermarked those images. You never know.

Segata9d ago

And put the original credits back in.

UnSelf9d ago

Clover studios were geniuses. Don't know why they went out of business

itBourne9d ago

For Campcom closing Clover they sure do like to re-release their games lol

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Abriael9d ago

Yeah, I really love the box art. Works well with both blue and green.

Sam Fisher9d ago

I missed it, i cant wait to play it. Always caught my interest but had too many games to play at the time

Big_Game_Hunters9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

More remasters... probably won't lead to a new okami

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Outlawzz9d ago

Where's the dam switch okami hd announcement lol

hulk_bash19879d ago

I'd buy it on the switch. I played and loved the
Original on the PS2. It's definitely a classic.

Sono4218d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I would definitely get it on Switch for 3 reasons.

1. I don't imagine it would look/run much worse if at all...

2. PS4 and Xbox have mandatory installs even with Disc games and I want to get a physical copy, I just hate downloading the entire game to my system but still having to put the disc in to play the game, Switch doesn't do this. (Side note: I think this should seriously not be a thing with PS5 and Xbox Two)

3. The portable option, I mean I have only actually played my Switch outside my house like 5 times and i've had it since launch, but it is still a nice option nonetheless, especially because I don't think there would be much of a difference between the PS4 and Switch version.

Erik73579d ago

For real, would rather play it on the Switch what gives

Army_of_Darkness9d ago

Nothing else to play on there so why not? :p

AZRoboto9d ago

This would've been a perfect game for the Switch. I mean, Switch is getting Resident Evil Revelations, which had a much-delayed announcement. Maybe this will be the same?

PhoenixUp9d ago

Switch users like to boast about exclusives like it's all that matters yet still get mad when a multiplat skips their platform lmao

AZRoboto9d ago

It's an HD remaster of a PS2 game that was ported onto the Wii. Considering Switch is getting a darker game with RE:R (a port of a handheld title), it's interesting that this wasn't announced for it.

hulk_bash19879d ago

I'm a switch user and I want great exclusives and multiplats on my system. LMAO

Erik73579d ago

Its just sad when we see a multiplat that could run on the Switch because we know the Switch is a better console to play the game on especially if its the same graphically compared to ps4/pc

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BlaqMagiq19d ago

Can't wait to experience this masterpiece again on PS4 Pro. And with a physical release to boot.

Venox20089d ago

I never though this would ever happen..I love Okami and glad it comes to current consoles and PC

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The story is too old to be commented.