Knack 2 review — Just an average game

First Knack was kinda dissapointment, even the plot wasn’t that good so overall the whole game was below average.

But now… now there is Knack 2 and this time the story is different. The game looks good and it seems to run smoothly. This is true. The game doesn’t seem to be sluggish at all and everything is like it should’ve been in Knack 1. What dissapointments could lie our way this time?

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JaguarEvolved341d ago

Seems good to me and its ok. I'll be buying this later when I get a ps4

ttbob341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Have no idea why they even would have bothered making a sequel to a crap game so they could make another crap game lol

Rimeskeem341d ago

Knack sold over a million copies. At least Sony attempts to make franchises unlike their competitors.

Servbot41341d ago

This just in: Launch and near-launch titles sell well regardless of quality. I'd rather Sony focus on making sequels to games that were actually good at one point, like Ape Escape.

Elda341d ago

Clearly your negative opinion.

C-H-E-F341d ago

Still manages to be one of the most difficult games to play through SMH. Great game for what it is. However, the story seems to be rushed kind of in the beginning? It doesn't warm you up it's just like SHHHHHHH got real in the first 2 minutes lOl. I still dk what's going on entirely lOl.

Cajun Chicken340d ago

Finished it today, whole lot of fun, top notch platforming. GoW for pre-teens, with Jak and Daxter traits but in a good way. Surprisingly good sequel. MUCH better than the first. Wouldn't mind a third.