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Destiny 2 commits a lot of the same sins as its father, but it succeeded in doing something the original never did -- make roaming around the open world fun and rewarding. It still has a lot of room to evolve with expansions and major updates, but the future is looking brighter than it once was.

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hulk_bash1987340d ago

I'm having a blast with my buddies. There are a bunch of minor issues with the game but all in all it's a welcomed improvement from the first game.

maybelovehate338d ago

"it uncomfortably flirts with pay-to-win, and feels straight up over the line" This is so silly. They are blue mods, you will have 5 million of them every week from glimmer you earn in the game. I pity the guardian who pays real money for them.

BumpFrankie338d ago

To me it's a solid 9
I've been having a grand ol' time learning the nature of improving power level and the content is enganging and fun this time. My Hunter is 294 and I will be running the raid today after work. I feel like in this first week I've already accomplished more than I did in the entirety of Destiny 1. There are so many quality of life improvements here in D2. The shader microtransaction controversy is definitely debatable, however I have not paid a single cent for the bright engrams and my inventory is literally filled with power mods half of which are legendaries that increase my power level. Once you hit 280 the power mods are in quite the abundance. Not trying to defend this business practice as I honestly wish it wasn't there, just giving my personal experience.