Nintendo Achievement System Could Shake Things Up

With the rumor of an achievement system coming to switch, is this something that Nintendo fans actually want?

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Neonridr338d ago

I am sure many would welcome its addition.

Mr Pumblechook337d ago

I hope this comes to pass. If the Lichtspeer developers did reveal this then I don't think Nintendo will be very happy with them.

Foraoise337d ago

"lol, no"? Jaguar, what are you a troll? It literally takes NOTHING away from the experience for ANYONE. It's just an added bonus, giving more replayability to games. Stop being such a bandwagonning cunt. Idiot.

2pacalypsenow338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

It's about time. Wish they would of done this on the Wii U

InTheZoneAC337d ago

I'm willing to bet those downvotes came from self proclaimed diehard fanboys rather than nintenhaters

Bronxs15338d ago

...happy new year!...

Welcome to 2005 Nintendo!

V0LT337d ago

Wrong.... achievements have been around a decade or so before that.

Teflon02338d ago

Shake things up by adding what every other gaming platform including phones got? Nope, it just means you got a little extra entertainment for the completionist like me. I'm happy for it if it comes but it's no game changer and if it doesn't immediately give my already achieved awards I'll be annoyed. I remember 100 hours in warframe-dynamic-octavia-theme then they give it trophies after and though my progress for all trophies were complete I had to do it over if I wanted, I said screw it

porkChop337d ago

I think the author means they could shake things up by handling achievements very differently. For example, the My Nintendo coins that you use to "purchase" discounts, themes, and such. Achievements that actually give you something could be a really cool thing if done well.

Teflon02337d ago

MS does that in a way already tho. Also wasn't Sony doing that in the US? I remember a friend saying they get something for it or some reward program. But I couldn't do it in canada

Chinkyinc18337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

You mean like what Ubisoft did with Uplay?

porkChop337d ago

MS and Sony have had a few achievements in the past that have unlocked in-game skins or console themes. It's very rare though, and not quite the same as a system that could be entirely built around that idea.

Sort of like Uplay, yes, but as a system-level function it could potentially be done on a much bigger scale. But that's probably the closest thing, yeah.

InTheZoneAC338d ago

I will go buy a switch as soon as it's confirmed, otherwise I'm fine with my new 3ds xl and Wii u

RedDevils337d ago

And that is the reason why you buy a game console? lol I wonder how manage in the n64 or PS1 days

InTheZoneAC337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Settle down and stop making assumptions, it gets you people everytime

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The story is too old to be commented.