Sony's Tokyo Game Show PS4 Lineup Announced; Detroit, Monster Hunter, Gran Turismo and Many More

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia disclosed its Tokyo Game Show 2017 lineup for both PS4 and PlayStation VR, with no Vita in sight.

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proudly_X9d ago

Same old games.. I will pass

Abriael9d ago

Uh... Not sure what you'd define "old" in there.

FITgamer9d ago

I'm sure there will be a few unannounced games.

Forn9d ago

Here's hoping for a new From Software exclusive!

DeadSilence9d ago

Same old Xbox fanboy derailing the topic Lmao absolute loser.

proudly_X9d ago

I have never played an Xbox.. In your disillusioned mind, everyone that talks rationally and doest suit you must be an Xbox fan..

You were probably not born when I had the original PlayStation..

madforaday9d ago

Funny how he only responds to a comment that has to do with the Xbox. It is funny that the games they announced aren't even out but yet they are old already lol

Proudly if you read this your comment was not a rational thought which is why you got so many dislikes. Don't put the blame on PS fanboys because that isn't the case, it was solely on your comment and that comment alone.

JackBNimble8d ago

I thought proudly_x comment was pretty obvious. I'm pretty sure the comment "same old games " was meant as .... we have seen all these games at every games conference this year .
You don't have to be a fanboy to understand his statement wasn't an attack... smh

Why o why8d ago


Oh, so surprises or unannounced titles aren't a thing anymore. Same old could indeed mean 'seen before' but to then say he'll pass is a tad flippant almost like what he thinks will be there is all that will be there. C'mon now

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Travis37089d ago

You barley seen anything of Detroit, GT and whatever else they show. How are those old games? And i'm pretty sure they'll announce some new stuff like always because this is Sony.

kayoss9d ago

Xbox fans to Playstation fans, "Same old games...I will pass"
Playstation fans to Xbox fans, "Same old games... oh wait... No new or old games... I'll pass"

yellowgerbil9d ago

not quite. Same old games, really fits xbox as they are going gaga over original xbox games backwards compatibility like it is awesome when no one wanted to play those games 15 years ago and no one wants to play them today

Why o why8d ago

@ yellow

LMAO.... I have noticed that notion...more available games isn't bad but new consoles should be primarily for their new content and always were until . . . . well... u kno

corroios9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Always better that no games. Wait power and playing again old games is better

DarXyde9d ago

Says you.

I'm all for seeing more Code Vein.

yellowgerbil9d ago

This is where we will see unannounced Japan Studios games. We might even see bloodborne 2 or a look at Death Stranding.

goken9d ago

wouldn't you pass anyway? yiu know? since it's not X rated?

notachance8d ago

so in your logic they just gonna show unannounced games in a trailer, not in the conference itself?
that's a new level of bravo

Exvalos8d ago

Same old games that haven't came out yet? Didn't know something new could be old, and if you bothered to read the article it clearly states this doesn't INCLUDE any new announcements.

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OB1Biker9d ago

Wow its already next week.
Any Blood borne 2 rumor? :P

Gamer4lifz9d ago

Don't .....just don't toy with me.

DeadSilence9d ago

GT Sports build is probably the last before full game, I want to see weather baby!

aaronaton9d ago

Dynamic weather will not feature in GT Sport unless things have changed recently?

ILostMyMind9d ago

Great games! But seriously guys, these events are meant to showcase new games. An already known game should be shown again only in the month of release. I hope Sony brings news because if it's just games revealed one to two (or three) years ago, it's a loss of opportunity. Who needs to keep repeating ads is Microsoft.

Kingthrash3609d ago

I think you are forgetting the E3 is in the US gamescom is in Europe so it's only natural for them to give the Asian market some up close and personal time with these games as well. Possibly there will be some new annouments but all in all the new stuff will likely be at psx in 3 months

ILostMyMind9d ago

Fair enough. But all events should bring new content and the PSX should be about the future of PlayStation such as hardware, operating system improvements and so on.

iceman068d ago

Actually, these events are to showcase what the console has to offer...period. That means covering eminent releases as well as revealing what the future holds. Sony tends to provide updates to already revealed games AND drop new content. TGS, specifically, tends to showcase what Japanese devs will have to offer to the library and revisit content that Western devs have coming to Japan. Thus far, Sony has been pretty good at balancing conference info between all of the higher profile conferences.

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