With A Power Level Of 260-280, Destiny 2's Leviathan Raid Is Set To Be Much More Accessible

From GameWatcher: "A standard aspect for MMOs since their inception has been for 'raids' to be the upper echelon of content geared toward players who enjoy smashing their heads against the wall for hours per day over a few weeks or months."

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Asuka11d ago

its 270, and from the looks of it your power lvl hasn't matter much in the early parts of the raid as it is puzzle heavy. But as of this writing no one has beaten it yet. Things could ramp up fairly quickly.

G-haul10d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. Wait, the title is attempting to be serious?... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAahahhhahaha.

This is by far the most complex and challenging raid yet. It even took IGN 12 hours to beat it, and the best of the best team 6 hours. These guys were also all 300 light. Light level doesn't matter when people have a hard time understanding complex puzzle mechanics. Even still they made the final boss encounters (dog and calus) major bullet sponges, and very, very long, painful encounters.

This is the least most accessible raid yet.