Battlefield 1 Xbox One S Bundle Available for $199 Right Now in the US

Walmart in the US is currently selling the Battlefield 1 500GB Xbox One Special Edition bundle for just $199. That is an $80 discount on the standard price.

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mark_parch158d ago

That's a really good price considering your also getting a 4k blu ray player

subtenko158d ago

For $50 more you can get a ps4.

ImGumbyDammit158d ago

$50 more and you may be able to find a similar PS4 deal but, definitely not with a 4K Blu-Ray player.

badz149158d ago

remember when the PS3 was trolled hard for being a glorified BD player? good times...

Sam Fisher158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

I definitely member that, how the tides changed to the other side and certain ppl just sweeping it under the rug

JaguarEvolved158d ago

For almost four years or 2 montths after initial launch the Xbox one has been on sale while giving away free games. How will Microsoft sell Xbox one x after 3 months of it being on the market when it'll be expensive.

Kiwi66158d ago

Or you can save $50 for something else and still get a good deal

Kingthrash360158d ago

who uses a 4k bluray player?
Look I'm sure people do use it but let's be honest, when it comes to movies TV shows this is the firestick, netflix,hulu streaming age. Just think the 1 4k blurry costs more than a firestick where you can watch tens of thousands of TV shows new and old movies for no extra charge. Add 11 bucks more and you got 4k netflix or hulu. I mean let's be real.....I could further go into the fact that most 4k blurays areally old movies that were not recorded in 4k so you don't even get that full on 4k you think you are gettin. ...just sayin.

LexHazard79158d ago

and do what with it exactly?

he just pointing out the value. Find another gaming system.that plays 4K blu rays and 4K streaming. You cant!

kreate158d ago

Is it going to be cheaper on black friday?

subtenko157d ago

It is true that for $50 more that you can indeed get a ps4.....

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kevnb158d ago

If only they could reduce the price of the discs. Right now it doesn't seem worth owning a 4K bluray player for the average joe.

DaNineTwo158d ago

Right. I really don't wanna she'll out $20 for a movie

subtenko157d ago

I just care about the i'll stick with ps4

Chris12158d ago

And the PS3 a lot more expensive at launch too.

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mark_parch158d ago

not sure why this has turned into an argument. it's a good price weather you use the 4k blu ray player or not. I use it on my one s because I don't have fast enough internet to stream 4k hdr content and 4k blu rays aren't that expensive if you buy used on ebay. bottom line is this is an amazing price for a gaming console and 4k blu ray player

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DivineAssault 158d ago

No thanks.. 500GB system with a shooter thats about to receive a permanent price drop.

Zeref158d ago

Stop acting like you would buy it if it were otherwise.

DivineAssault 158d ago

Youre right actually.. I wouldnt. In a few years i might get the X if there was a good deal though.. The very minimum should be 1TB for all current gen too..

TheVigilanteCode158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

$200 is a great price for the base console + 1 game. In fact, you can easily sell this code or retail box of BF1, for $30 on eBay/craigslist etc. and buy yourself a years of EA access subscription.

And I haven't even mentioned the 4K blu-ray player which is exclusive only to the Xbox One S and the upcoming One X, among current generation of consoles. This one is the cheapest 4K blu-ray player in the world though.

corroios158d ago

This is the right price for the Xbox S. Microsoft can sell tons of Xbox S at 199 if they stick with this price on the holidays. It would be 20 Xbox S/1 X margin.

Bigpappy158d ago

People who are buying X1X will buy X1X regardless of what price any other console cost.

corroios158d ago

never talked about the price of the X in this coment, but about the fastastic price of the S. It must be one of the cheapest 4k players on the market and it also plays games.

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