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GES Writes: "Destiny 2 is the follow up of the first game from Bungie, the first game had some rough times but also some great successes. Now Destiny 2 hopes to change the game series’ “Destiny”.

This is an initial review and a follow up will be added later to update any further views and the new RAID mode that will be available on the 13th of September. Score might change with final review

Destiny was one of the most anticipated new IPs when it first was launched, the most obvious reason was because it was the developer’s, Bungie Studios, first game that will not be specific to Xbox alone. Bungie was well known for their Halo series. The first game came out on consoles and with the initial release there was some issues that fans complained about. When Rise of Iron expansion came out, Bungie managed to fix a lot of problems and it was a more stable and enjoyable game. Now Destiny 2 is out and Bungie has learnt a lot form the first instalment and ready to have a great game released, and now it will also be available on PC later this year."

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NewMonday336d ago

D2 is much better than I expected..
- great campaign and lot's of extra story content for solo players
- better Co-Op design
- better loot drop system and rewards

the con for me is the smaller 4v4 PvP, while I'm actually doing better at it than D1 I still miss the feel of the bigger matches, would rather have them even if it means I do worse.

GameHead85335d ago

I haven't played it yet, I pre-ordered it for PC and waiting for it to release on October 24th. Is the campaign really short? Because I heard it was short.

stevej336335d ago

Depends if you consider 12 hours short or not.

NewMonday334d ago

the campaign has a standard length for an FPS

but also double that in side-story missions that reveal more about the world