Could GTA And Other Rockstar IP Make It To The Switch?

Rockstar stole gaming headlines recently with a surprise announcement that the acclaimed 2011 detective thriller L.A. Noire will be coming to current gen consoles, the Nintendo Switch and the HTC Vive. While this alone isn't confirmation of further developments, could it be indicative of more Rockstar titles coming to Nintendo's hit console, and even to VR?

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Erik7357459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

It would dope for gta 5 to be on Switch and tottaly possible.

Would also look nicer than xbox360/ps3 version

We need all the gta's on Switch would re buy them in a heartbeat especially gta 4

AussieButcher56459d ago

"We need all the gta's on Switch would re buy them in a heartbeat especially gta 4"
That is crazy but actually true! GTA games are timeless.

HaveSumNuts459d ago

I just imagine someone trying to fit every single topping ever into a Subway half footlong. It will work but will be messy as shit. Hope they include napkins with the switch version.

Profchaos458d ago

Odds are it would be the PS3 version with a potentially better frame rate

Erik7357458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

Well we will see I disagree with that and it could do more than a stable frame rate

I think we would see the first person mode brought over and some graphical enhancements, granted not as nice as ps4/xbox one, but still enhanced.

The 10th Rider458d ago

Yeah, I'm not a huge GTA fan but with how the game sells they really outta get GTA V on Switch. Tons of people play it and it would be the first time it's playable on a handheld. It's on last gen so it's obvious the Switch could run it. The game still charts high and people still play it so I'm sure a portable version would sell as well.

Profchaos458d ago

Yeah I would totally but it even if it was the worst out of all the versions because it's still going to be an amazing experience it doesn't have to be better than last gen just making it portable outside of streaming over PS remote play makes it amazing

PhoenixUp459d ago

Only thing NS would get would be ports like how Rockstar treated GameCube and Wii

wonderfulmonkeyman459d ago

I'm not holding my breath for it, regardless of whether or not the system can handle it.
I'd prefer something other than GTA, anyways. Something built from the ground up for the system and its fanbase, since Rockstar HAS to know that the majority of the fanbase has already gotten it and wouldn't double-dip just for a Switch version.
Some Switch owners might, but in the end, even Skyrim has a better chance at selling well on Switch than the GTA series.

Realplaya458d ago

Whose the switches fan base it is not younger or older it's every age group.

wonderfulmonkeyman458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

I meant that the Switch fanbase isn't generally composed of people who are a part of the GTA fanbase, that's all.
I wasn't trying to refer to age.XD

Erik7357458d ago

Honestly this time around the Switch has a lot of young adults getting it. People who own a ps4/xbox one see it as a great portable to own and I know a lot of my friends that are PC gamers that plan on getting it at some point

MecheSlays452d ago

Rockstar would never build something from the ground up for one system. No point. Unless they’re pretty sure it’s gonna sells absolutely millions

wonderfulmonkeyman452d ago

I don't expect they would, either, but they do so for plenty of other platforms, so saying they can't make a game that would sell millions on Switch is more of an insult towards their capabilities, than anything else.

Ristul459d ago

GTAV should be a no-brainer tbh.

Profchaos458d ago

Last gen ports could entirely make it to switch. LA noire seems the least intense of the bunch though to practice with the world is fairly empty for a open world game.

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