Realistically, what can we expect from Nintendo’s Direct this Wednesday?

Some Directs are better than others, that’s for certain. But it also helps to go in with realistic expectations. So, what do we know, and think, will actually be shown over the course of the 45-minutes-long presentation?

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Erik7357338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

This will be right before the holidays and Nintendo as hinted and talked about several things they have planned on talking about which i'm 100% certain it will include these things.

- Detailed new and improved online and/or game subscription service

-Backwards compatibility

- More DLC for splatoon and or Arms

-Third party announcements

-As of exclusives they will show the rest of 2017 games first with xenoblade, Mario, and Pokemon DX shown.One notable exclusive announcement for Switch. I feel like they are going to announce Animal crossing for 2018 summer but I could be wrong. I will also expect one or two remastered wiiu games for 2018.But just in general a overall outlook for 2018 and games to come that year

It's 45 minutes and we known Nintendo quickly shows games and gameplay and little talking

Overall I like this strategy and they may not have a huge presence at e3 like Microsoft or Sony would but they are continuing to get attention from the media and public more so than Sony/Microsoft are throughout the rest of the year consistently by doing this and I think its great at carrying momentum especially when you have great games to show that people are interested in.

wonderfulmonkeyman338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

I think you should probably strike backwards compatibility off of that list.
Switch doesn't use CD's, so unless we're talking a peripheral that allows Wii U CD's to be used on it when docked, or a little dongle of some sort that lets you play 3DS games while using the pointer function of the right joycon as a "mouse" of sorts for the on-screen touch screen functions of a 3DS emulator program, there isn't much chance we're going to see backwards compatibility of any sort.
I mean, I guess they COULD put select none-controller-screen-heavy games from the Wii U up onto the Switch digitally, but that would limit the list so drastically.
I just don't see it being a thing, but Nintendo's proven me wrong before on other things, so I guess we will have to wait and see...

DLC for Splatoon/Arms is also unlikely.
It's possible, but most of the new DLC inclusions for those have been announcing themselves outside of Directs lately, so I don't think they'll use much of those 45 minutes to announce content for those games unless it's a HUGE change. [A way of playing Salmon Run more often would be nice. That's the one big thing that's keeping me from getting Splatoon 2 at present.]

As for their online plans, I'm almost 100% certain that won't happen.
They said that that stuff is going to release next year, and I'm assuming they didn't mean early next year, so why announce it so soon?
It would be better to announce it at next year's E3, to get all the details out there and show off a list of the functions and freebie games we can expect to get with the service, because it would give them more time to flesh out the service itself and would also give Switch owners more time to enjoy the free online we've got right now.

Finally, third party...
I dunno if we'll see anything substantial on that note.
That feels more like an E3 thing, to me, and since they seem like they'll be talking about stuff coming out in the remainder of this year and very early of next year, I don't think we should expect anything mind-blowing.
Though, I wouldn't be surprised, though I would be happy, if the rumors of a Fallout 4 for Switch turned out to be a real thing.
The circumstantial evidence seems to be hinting VERY heavily towards that being a real thing, and I'd like that more than I would anything coming from Rockstar or Ubisoft, as far as realistic open-world games from last gen/early current gen goes.
Especially if a Varia Suit Power Armor becomes a thing, complete with beam cannon and super missiles.XD

-GreenRanger338d ago

They could put BC for digital titles bought on 3DS and Wii U, including the Virtual Console games. That is how PSVita does PSP games.

Erik7357338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Im thinking more like e shop or game subscription service for that backwards compatibility part not physical media

Goldby338d ago

question monkey,

Will fallout 4 be using the unreal engine as well?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory337d ago

- -Backwards compatibility
- Detailed new and improved online and/or game subscription service
Nintendo didn't even tell us when the last big update for Switch would come they just released it out of nowhere.

Zodiac338d ago

There a still a few high profile games coming out this year, so probably just a deeper look at already announced games. I'd like to see some more on Fifa 18 myself.

Although, if its 45 mins, there SHOULD be more. I mean, there are a few, but not THAT many more already announced, high profile games this year.

Erik7357338d ago

I think they are gonna do what you said but also talk a lot about the online service and the outlook of games for 2018

TekoIie338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

It'll probably be similar to that direct they had which rapid fired through a bunch of titles, but it'll probably go into more detail on a few games that'll be releasing soon.

Maybe we'll get a few new games announced like Animal Crossing or Pikmin? Or details on Kirby 2018 and Yoshi 2018?

Erik7357338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

I feel a animal crossing for summer announcment but that's just me. They said they want a constant release of games and I believe we will get that. Summer 2018 as of now looks pretty bare gotta have something, wiiu port and animal crossing? Yesssssss

Prince_TFK338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

I'm hoping for:

- New Mario O gameplay
- New Skyrim gameplay and release date
- New Xenoblade gameplay and release date
- Release date for Stardew Valley
- In-game trailer for LA Noire
- Introduction to 2018 Switch games such as Animal Crossing, Smash Bros, Pikmin...

chris235338d ago

realistically they are going to sugarcoat their online infrastructure and why they think it's ok to charge money for it. no word about that they saw the moneygrabbing nature of such a paid infrastructure at the competition. a competition they are claiming not to be a part of, not even looking at them. the rest of the time will be filled with how the switch is THE experience. and how the unique waggle-about controls enrichen every gamer's life.

Erik7357337d ago

You and I both dont know what there online infrastructure is. If they offer party chat, cloud storage, some games, I would say the online service is amazing for being half the price of psn plus

edeprez337d ago

This is our free trial already, for Nintendo to prove why we should pay for their service. I highly doubt they have an amazing online experience all set up and ready to turn on for when we open our wallets.

RosweeSon338d ago

Smash Bros Supreme edition best of both 3ds and Wii U versions please

Monster_Tard337d ago

I hope so, I'm more excited for that port than I am any other game.

RosweeSon337d ago

Fair play would be a nice one to nail over the winter months hope they deliver ;)

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