PAX West 2017: Secret of Mana Updates its Look for 2018 | Hardcore Gamer

The 1993 SNES classic gets a full 3D makeover for a 2018 rerelease.

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FallenAngel1984339d ago

Adventures of Mana also had a 3D makeover last year, and it didn't cost $40 like this Secret of Mana remake that runs of the same engine with similar assets.

Servbot41337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

It's cool and all that they are supporting local co-op, but a lot of people with nostalgia for this game are in their early 30's+ by now with families, jobs, and/or live in different cites and can doubtfully hook up for multiple local co-op sessions. No online co-op accompanying local is insane in this day and age; even SNES emulators support online co-op for this game. My friends and I would have bought three copies at $40 each but now none of us are buying it.