10 Classic PlayStation Titles That Are Missing From the Vita Store

VGChartz: "Replaying classic games is something that’s very important to me (and likely something I’m going to continue writing about a lot in future). It’s a joy that’s been rediscovered thanks to the Vita, due to the console being perfect for playing PS1 classics, as well as PSP games, without making them look horrible on a big screen.

I’ve written previously about how the service with classic games on Vita could be improved and one of my major issues is that there are a number of key titles that are completely missing from the PlayStation Store. This inspired me to produce an article about what games are missing and I ended up coming up with about 50 different suggestions – from niche forgotten classics to multi-million selling blockbusters. Over time I narrowed that down to the ten most obvious omissions and I aim to examine what they are, why they’d be great on the Vita, as well as suggestions for why they’re missing."

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RosweeSon338d ago

Tekken 3 and Tony Hawks 2 yes please. Remove Gon simple hate these licensing issues all the time.

mercyblades337d ago

Strangely, Twisted Metal 3, 4 and Small Brawl are missing, too. Need those to complete the collection.