The Director of Final Fantasy XV isn't Finished Yet

Final Fantasy XV was a long time coming. After a decade of delays, it's not surprising that both Square Enix and the game's director, Hajime Tabata, are saying they aren't finished with Noctis and his bro squad.

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richierich342d ago

I wish they would forget about FF15 it didnt live up to expectations just focus on FF7 remake or FF16 instead

-Foxtrot342d ago

Yeah they've done enough now

Move on

Godmars290341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Notice that anything they overhype and over a long period of time has never lived up to expectations.

Now think about FF7 as a PS3 tech demo. Something they as soon backed away from then didn't let die.

Its not going to live up to hype is what I'm saying. Not when its being divided into three, or more, games.

FinalFantasyFanatic341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

At this point, it feels like they're forever trying to fix the game or just shove anything and everything into it. I just really want a new Final Fantasy game, FFXV over stayed it's welcome.

Chaosdreams341d ago

The Universe irritates me with how sloppy it all ties in together. If they would just focus on the actual game, and fix the story, I'd be happy. *Sigh

InKnight7s341d ago

They already said once that will not happen at all.
No further enhacment for story or including DLCs in actual game. So tie or wrap for better story. That so disappointing the game is just left me with great needs and craving for more. These too short DLC did shy jobs not even close what the game really missed. It shame that the game didn't met it potiential and hype even after 1 year of updates and releasing DLCs.

TricksterArrow341d ago

They should wrap up with a Luna DLC and an Ardyn spin-off, like a comic, anime or small movie.

Sam Fisher341d ago

Imo i think having an ardyn dlc or movie is important, his story came out of nowhere at the very ending. Qfter finding who he really is i wanted it to be fleshed out

FinalFantasyFanatic341d ago

Ardyn was the most interesting character and they never did anything with him, they even shot down the possibility of him getting his own DLC. He could have been a really great villain with some more foreshadowing and fleshing out over the course of the game. Instead he just hangs around for most of the game until you kinda get an info dump towards the end.

crxss341d ago

please stop ffxv. this was one of the worst stories i've ever played. move on.

Pantz341d ago

I really hope XV's post launch features don't trend on into XVI. XV did need some extra stuff but, I really don't want multiplayer or live events in the next game.

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