Taking the Throne with Final Fantasy XII

11 years on, Square-Enix's twelfth prodigal son has returned to finally fulfill its promise.

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PhoenixUp336d ago

"Like the political cataclysms that enliven FFXII’s storyline, its original release was fraught with bad timing. 2006’s attention was waylaid not just by the arrival of the PS3, but also the distant promise of Final Fantasy XIII. It was also the year that a slew of incredible JRPGs were released, not least of which were Level-5’s similarly-veined Rogue Galaxy and Atlus’ vaunted Persona 3."

Bad timing my ass, that's a load of BS. FFXII sold 6+ million units which is more than most entrees in the series and more than most other PS2 games. Persona 3 and Rogue Galaxy did nothing to take away from FFXII's success.

Not to mention that the majority of the PS2 userbase didn't instantly forget about the popular console in order to migrate to PS3 as soon as it released. You know how much PS2 hardware and software sold post-2006? Never had a console shown such strong legs. You don't stay on the market 13 years for nothing.

Also it's absurd how people try to say people ignored FFXII just because it released at a time when a new console was arriving, yet nobody ever says people ignored The Last of Us, Grand Theft Auto V, & Grand Turismo 6 because the PS4 was releasing soon.

Becuzisaid336d ago

So much logic. I'm not seeing this on the internet. Well done you.

Elda336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Played this & finished it within 4 weeks this summer & didn't use not one summon which I thought were useless.They did a great job remastering the game.Played the original on my fatty PS3 11 years ago,it was great revisiting the world of FFXII.