The best PS4 games: 25 of this generation's must-play titles

If you're looking to boost your game collection, the PS4 is not a console that limits your options. With an extensive catalog of games supporting it, you'll never struggle to find new a PS4 game to play – the hard part is narrowing the wide array available down to those most worth your time and money.

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Nyxus94d ago

I would add Until Dawn, Infamous Second Son / First Light and Ratchet & Clank to that list.

Nyxus93d ago

Also Yakuza 0, forgot about that one.

VenomSnakeRisingX92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

So many games, many are not even on this list its so much. This is a generation that I feel has surpassed PS2. We still don't even have The Last Of Us 2, Days Gone, God Of War, Yakuza 6 and 2 remake, RE2 remake, FFVII remake, Shenmue 3 and many more, before those titles added this is already PS2 level, those titles released will put it past PS2, never mind what ever gets announced in the next few years, they even have many titles unannounced by like Sucker Punch and stuff.

They truly outdid themselves with PS4, if they just do the same thing with PS5, its a easy day 1 by default. No need to "test the waters" on this platform folks, they get it done every generation.

StopClickbait92d ago

Infamous: Second Son is not only one of the best looking PS4 games, but one of the best looking games on any platform, to this day, and it came out like 3 years ago. It’s one of the only games to take advantage of the trackpad and gyro/accelerometer in a fun and useful way. Beyond that it’s just a fantastic game that doesn’t receive the credit it’s due.

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crazychris412493d ago

26 slides?? How about you kiss my ass 26 times?? Hate when sites pull this crap. 5 games per slide would have been nice and you would have 5 clicks, now you just have 1.

-GreenRanger93d ago

Thanks for warning us. 0 clicks from me.

darthv7293d ago

Not only that but most of them were multiplat games. At least you can click through without having to leave or refresh the page so it isnt that bad.

DemonChicken93d ago (Edited 93d ago )


No nioh, persona 5, world of FF, gravity rush, digimon cybersleuth or yakuza as well, fail list.

Nintendo4Lifex92d ago

Vita ports come on man lol. Good list cept vita ports.

Razzer93d ago

Yeah, but at least it is just slides and not a new page every click.

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KillZallthebeast92d ago

Jesus how many ads does 1 web page actually need?

Trilithon92d ago

stupid slide shows. ill click you into hell

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