The Cream of the Crap – Star Fox Zero (Wii U)

Shut up, Slippy…

This is Star Fox Zero. An embarrassing mess, one of 2016’s biggest disappointments, and a great example that too much innovation can be a product’s downfall.

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gutteranthems309d ago

Well, that's an utter disappointment

Barbauer308d ago

I returned this game the same day I got it

Neonridr309d ago

Here's hoping we get a better Switch version down the road. Just give me Star Fox 1 remastered and I would be happy. The visuals and framerate on the SNES game were atrocious. But just give me flying.. plain old fashioned flying in an Arwing.

lptmg309d ago

if it ain't broken, don't fix it, right?

Jinger308d ago

This game was so much garbage

crazyaejay308d ago

If your crap is creamy then you need to see a doctor.

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