Uncharted 4’s Scrapped Gameplay Features Revealed

The Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’s that hit retail is very different from the original vision when Amy Hennig was attached to the project, which would have brought several new gameplay features to the series.

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AspiringProGenji431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

What? Half the game only using his fits? I'm Glad that got scrapped. If some people can't understand the Character and the world of Uncharted then they should just go play something else if killing mercenaries that are trying to kill you is too much. The irony when most games you are also killing regardless of the character's personality... Removing the gunplay would have been a failure

JaguarEvolved431d ago

I haven't played this game yet but a shooter game such as uncharted would get a lot of hate if half the game you wouldn't be able to shoot anyone. Seems like a good idea they went in another direction and I can't wait to play uncharted 4 and the lost legacy.

TheKingKratos431d ago

i haven't played Uncharted TLL yet but Uncharted 4 is amazing get ready to be blown away.

SCW1982431d ago


Get ready to be blown away by The Lost Legacy. The pacing is immaculate and its my GOTY so far. Took me just under 11 hours to beat and was incredible the whole way through.

TheKingKratos431d ago

Ok that hyped me soo much
I knew ND won't let me down after how amazing "Left behind" was

EatCrow430d ago could be offensiveeeeeee to certain

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Deep-throat431d ago

"What? Half the game only using his fits? I'm Glad that got scrapped"

Yeah, but you got a crate pushing sim. Uncharted 4 was boring a lot of the times. it was very poor when it comes to interactivity and that's odd since Uncharted is an action game.

Last_Boss431d ago

Action adventure!!

Gears of War is an Action game.

Skankinruby431d ago

It's not just an action game. Puzzles and exploration are what this series thrives on and if there's not enough gun play for you then buy call of duty instead. Uncharted 4 was a masterpiece.

AspiringProGenji431d ago

We also got way more than that but I am sure you don't wanna me to go there

uptownsoul431d ago

@Deep-throat - "Yeah, but you got a crate pushing sim. Uncharted 4 was boring a lot of the times. it was very poor when it comes to interactivity and that's odd since Uncharted is an action game."

Boring??? I'll bet my life that this guy couldn't beat the game on crushing and then say it was boring

SCW1982431d ago

Not dude bro enough for ya deep throat? Go choke on it.

thehitman1398431d ago

Lol, you try way to hard deepthroat. Maybe you should do what you do best and deepthroat something to make you shut up lol😂😂

Silly gameAr431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

What youtube videos have you been watching?

bluefox755431d ago

Action game? Crate pushing sim? You've never played it have you?

Atticus_finch431d ago

Guys please understand that even if deep-throat tried to play Uncharted his own bias wouldn't let him enjoy the game. He would only focus on finding flaws the whole time. Very sad life.

guyman430d ago

Deep-throat doing his usual rounds

Dark_Knightmare2430d ago

Don't you ever get tired of trolling dude get a life it's pathetic

EatCrow430d ago

Agree about the crate pushing sim...but you forgot climbing sim.

I love uncharted but the pacing of it all in Uncharted 4 was way off.
Perhaps Lost Legacy is much better.

430d ago
P_Bomb430d ago

Crate pushing sim? Man, some of you complain the second your minds aren't Michael Bay'd into nuclear submission. Yet you'll capture the same boring flag for days, nay years on end.

rainslacker430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Yeah, sure the 3-4 instances where you had to push a crate to solve a puzzle or get to somewhere else obviously were a huge part of a 20+ hour game.

But as far as "crate pushing sims" go, I did find it kind of cool you could push a crate to use it as cover for a gun play scenario that lasted longer than the entirety of the pushing crate instances in the game.

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agent4532430d ago

Agreed, my favorite action flicks show this a lot.

vegasgamerdawg430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

"if some people can't understand' Then goes on to use the word 'irony' in an incorrect manner. Doesn't' understand the definition of words but has a lot to And of course on N4G, it makes no sense and it's a childish reading level, get's majority likes. Irony- Saying the opposite of what you mean, usually in order to be funny. Irony, you should of learned that word in 3rd grade.

AspiringProGenji430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

No you don't understand. The irony is that killing im uncharted seems to be a problem to some people but in other games it isn't. I just didn't type a full sentence because by now everyone knows what I am talking about

You salty because my upvotes champ?

OB1Biker430d ago

Then there's the dramatic irony when you, the character, don't understand what's going on but everyone else in the audience understands.

XStation4pio_Pro430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

100%. The thing that made 4 great (and all of them) from a gameplay standpoint is how it breaks up the flow with variations of type of gameplay. Like when you’re about to get tired of climbing around looking for a way after a while those mercenaries roll up and now the game has switched from “maze” to shoot/cover which is a completely different energy and perfect to switch up. Plus now you have to run around finding ammo and guns as well which adds to the energy. Fantastic game. Good thing it ended up the way it did. And also... the stealth attacks are still killing people but with hands so it wouldn’t have solved that unless they took that out but that would absolutely have been a bad move as it’s key.

shloobmm3430d ago

Only a failure if the gunplay was any good. The game is fantastic overall but the gunplay has always been the weakest party of the series.

AspiringProGenji430d ago

From 1 to 3 it was serviceable at best. Gidd but nothing standout. Uncharted 4's gunplay is much better and feels good

rainslacker430d ago

Gun play in UC4 was the best in the series IMO. Not only that, but in most cases, you weren't actually forced to use it. You could stealth your way through it, or even use nothing but hand to hand combat. Personally, I think the choice to approach the situation in different ways much better design than having huge sections of forced compliance to a single game mechanic.

rainslacker430d ago

I have to agree. While there were some sections where you didn't have a weapon, they were sparse. In the end, I think the ability to play the game the way you saw fit was much more compelling. you could still do most sections without any weapons. Same way I endevoured to stealth my way through MGS, I did so in uncharted, because it was fun that way to me. But I was given the choice in both instances. In both instances, it was usually encouraged to follow this route, but it was still a choice.

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OB1Biker431d ago ShowReplies(1)
Travis3708431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

So glad that women is gone. Uncharted 4 would have failed so badly if Drake was only using his hands instead of a gun when people are shooting at him. Even if they wasn't, a gun is still for protection.

Donnie81431d ago

I'm pretty sure her game would have been pretty decent but I have zero complaints with the way uc4 turned out. I enjoyed more driving and using the jeep to open doors and solve puzzles. I really need to finish lost legacy just been so busy. Maybe her leaving will end up being a good thing. We might even get a good star wars game out of it. I guess it was just her time to move on.

jerethdagryphon431d ago

I have 1 complaint..... They could have been rich beyond dreams of men. Still could they know where it is. Also.....vicky :)

rainslacker430d ago

I agree. I doubt Hennings vision would have turned into a complete disaster, because she is really good at what she does. But at the same time, I'm happy overall with what I ended up getting. Reading some of the changes between Henning's version and the final product I can say that some of the things she wanted don't seem that compelling at face value, and in some cases, I can easily say how that might have turned out terribly, but when it comes to the overall game she may have delivered, I can't say it'd be bad....just a couple contrivances which seem forced,and one game play mechanic which I feel is a backwards step as opposed to allowing player choice.

bluefox755431d ago

Dancing minigame? Perhaps it's good they did scrap it.

SickSinceSix431d ago

Now I'm worried for the Star Wars game she's working on.

goken430d ago

phew! dodged a bullet there

MatrixxGT430d ago

Yeah, no wonder they ditched this shit.

rainslacker430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

I dunno, I could see it working if Chloe and Elena had a scene at some night club and were dressed for the occasion.:)

OTOH, I wouldn't mind seeing Nate and Nadine having a break dance fight.

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