Runescape players are now hunting down Venezuelan gold farmers

I (Robin Ek, TGG) just found out that Venezuelans are farming gold like crazy in the old-school version of "Runescape". So much so that other players are now hunting them down...So here's my take on the matter.

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Cy191d ago

It's sad that communism/socialism has reduced an entire country to crap like this. It's even sadder than no one is learning the right lessons from what's happening in Venezuela right now. I agree with the article though. I'm normally against gold farming, but if you need to do it to survive then do it. It's better than turning to real life thievery or joining a cartel.

TGG_overlord191d ago

True that...And I've talked to even more people from Venezuela since I published that post, and things are very, VERY bad in their country. So they need help from the outside world asap (quite a few of them are trying to cross the border to Colombia for a better life).