Microsoft partners with Chainsmokers to offer custom Xbox One S that lights up

Microsoft has joined forces with The Chainsmokers to bring us a special edition of Xbox One S that lights up with all sorts of colors.

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theXtReMe1188d ago

I would cancel my X preorder and pay an extra $50-$100 for an X version like this.

JaguarEvolved187d ago

This seems like a good idea because they can get lost in a room because of dust, animals using it as a pillow or something so indicating lights would make it easier to find

TargusX187d ago

Isn't a 'Chainsmoker' mean someone who hits cigarette after cigarette after cigarette? Not a very 'PC' company to sign a deal with MS?

0Day187d ago

It’s a relevant music group popular in their consoles target market. BUT YEAH TARGUSX, HATERS GONNA HATE. It’s the ‘PC’ police like you that are the poison of society.

Cmv38187d ago

Sigh..... two extremes will never allow the existence of a better society.

FITgamer186d ago

A really garbage generic music group.

CrimsonWing69187d ago

Do you hate violent video games, too?

rainslacker186d ago (Edited 186d ago )


That's what I thought this was about until I read more about it. Thought it a strange thing in this day and age where a smoker is treated like the devil incarnate.

Kun_ADR187d ago

Really awesome looking console.

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The story is too old to be commented.