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Destiny 2 is what Destiny should have been, but it’s not what a sequel should have been. That isn’t to say it isn’t fun; in fact, the world of Destiny has never been more entertaining. Destiny 2 successfully adds plenty of quality of life improvements that make the game less of a grind. An in-game map, Faction Leaders and Public Event tracking make the game more rewarding. An actual campaign, a good amount of Strikes, the Crucible and a plethora of side activities ensure that Destiny 2 will remain in your console’s disc-drive for a long time. In other aspects, however, Destiny 2 feels more of an expansion than it does a sequel.

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chris235341d ago

shame on the ones who are indifferent enough to buy this thing. instead of giving, for once... just for once, a signal that we want more than they are willing to offer. we want proper development cycles, thought out concepts, much higher quality and fresh ideas. not another mee-too-shooter that does nothing of interest.

I know, what I demand is very cost-intensive. Then again, so are the games they want us to buy. I can't produce low effort after low effort because I would get fired. The same should apply to our dead gaming industry. I forced no one to participate in this saturated market. Go on find a branch to work in where this subpar approach is appreciated.

Produce a real effort and I am willing to throw my money at you. If I wanted to settle for less I would buy this novelty gimmick that's not among the competition.

SirBillyBones341d ago

The problem is a lot of gamers are only interested in immediate gratification. They have no concept of voting with their wallet and holding out for a superior product. They lap up everything they're given without giving it a second thought. It doesn't just apply to gaming, it's a mindset that can be seen throughout society. It's the reason certain political figures have risen to power.

We have a generation of people who have been conditioned by clever marketing, who have lost the notion of critical thinking. It's depressing to see how many people in forums/message boards have so little concept of how games could potentially be much better. It's almost as if people have had their imaginations bred out of them...

CorndogBurglar341d ago

First of all, you say "we" as if you represent the entire gaming community. Destiny 1 had over a million people logging in daily well over a year after it released. Destiny 2 already has 1.5 million people playing it. I fully expect the same numbers to be logging in a year from now because D2 is a huge improvement over D1 and offers far more to do right out of the gate.

Second, why is it so hard for people to understand that one of the most important parts of any game is how fun it is to play? Destiny 1 had so many people playing it for so long because it was a blast to play. Especially with friends. It offered fantastic, polished gameplay that you don't see in a lot of games these days. D1 certainly had its shortcomings. But its easy to see why those get somewhat overlooked when people are having FUN.

People like you and SirSillyBones need to understand that sometimes people just want to have fun playing with their friends. And that is something that both Destiny games have offered. It doesn't make anyone inferior to you, which you seem to think is the case. Don't think for a second that most of the people playing Destiny 1 and 2 don't also enjoy other games like TLoU, Skyrim, Persona 5, or any other deep, single player type games that are considered to be the best in the industry. I promise you they do.

Scar-340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Your apart of the problem along with your upvoters. The game isn't perfect so what Chris said didn't even need a response and player count doesn't equal quality. Want me to link you to some MMO's that are trash but have 2-5 million players daily? The fact that you went full defense mode shows you can't even have a intelligent discussion on improving the game. Why is it so hard for people to understand that 1.5 million people playing Destiny 2 don't represent the entire gaming community. Btw SirSillyBone never said liking or having fun with Destiny 1-2 makes you inferior to anyone but buying it day one and going fanboy defense mode on anyone that doesn't have "fun" with it does. You talk as if the game is above reproach when it has a 85 on Metacritics, newsflash fun is subjective.

CorndogBurglar340d ago

@ Scar

Hold on a minute. Its not like I went full defensive mode for no reason. Chris235's very first words were trash talking people that bought this game. SirSillyBones' comment is riddled with garbage saying that people that buy this game lack critical thinking skills lol. Neither of them wrote a comment purely about any shortcomings of the game or how to improve it. Both of them had gone out of their way to belittle people that DO play this game. So don't act like I'm the one that jumped straight to being defensive with no reason. Not when they went on the offensive for no reason. They could have easily explained their dislike of the game without making a single mention of the people that do like it. But they didn't, did they? No. They didn't.

Also, tell me where my comment says ANYTHING about quantity of player base equaling quality. You can't, because I didn't. What I DID say is that sometimes a FUN game is all thats needed to keep people playing it, despite its shortcomings. And yes, I DID say that it has shortcomings. So don't misread what I said, please.

And yes, I realize fun is subjective. This is why I didn't say EVERYONE would like this game. But the numbers of players proves that there is a very large fanbase that do have a lot of fun playing it, again, despite its shortcomings. The point in that is that people don't always need a game to be perfect to enjoy playing it. And that doesn't mean those people "lack critical thinking skills". It just means they enjoy the damn game. Its not a hard concept and I'm not sure how you could have read my comment and took away the things you did, because I didn't say any of that.

So how about this. When people want to make a comment about their dislikes of the game and how it can be improved upon, without trash talking the people that DO play it, THEN I will have an intelligent discussion about it. Because I definitely have ways it could be improved. But when people want to jump right into insulting others for playing it, then it seems to me like they need an explanation of WHY those people play it, because they clearly don't get it if they think its a problem with critical thinking skills.

Mikelarry341d ago

Yeah think i am gonna wait before jumping into destiny 2 as nothing i have seen has impressed me to want to pay the asking price for a sequel especially with us fighting the same enemies from year 1.

CoryHG340d ago

If you have a capable PC, i'd wait. Honestly, it does feel more like a MMO than the previous. There is a lot of branching out and a ton more heroic events. However, I feel looting and leveling is too quick. Grinding isn't as apparent b/c within minutes you'll immediately find higher power gear. I guess it's up to you what type of perks you're looking for. Also, I haven't seen any of the pre-order weapons so I don't know what i'm missing.

Jmanzare340d ago

Leveling is definitely slower. Once you hit 265 power level there's very little opportunity to get more powerful gear outside of weekly challenges.

CorndogBurglar340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Yeah you will continue getting new, better gear very often until you max out your power level. Or at least until you get it as high as it can go without the Raid gear. But once you get there you can slide into your favorite armor and weapons and pretty much run it for everything until you are able to purchase something you like more. (Faction or Exotic items).

The grinding doesn't really come into play until you get to that point. You will need to grind for the currency to buy faction and exotic armor and weapons. These are usually the best innthe game short of the Raid gear. Also playing Nightfall Strikes hoping to get good drops.

GrimDragon340d ago

This game doesn't let me sleep.