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The PC release of Trials of Cold Steel is XSEED's second from scratch PC port, with the many lessons from their first port coming into place here. They also hired the legendary PC modder Durante to take the port they got from their porting studio and vastly improve it. They wrote about that on one of their blogs, which is worth reading. Honestly, having played this port for a while, it is a truly excellent version. It supports custom resolutions, unlimited frame rates, massive detail enhancements including unlimited draw distance, MSAA, and more. And, five thousand new voice acted lines. On top of all that, they added Turbo Mode, which allows one to more quickly skip through some of the slower content. One of the best PC ports on recent memory, and clearly the definitive edition of this game.

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Alexious339d ago

Great game, can't wait for the next one!

Relientk77339d ago

Well deserved score for this masterpiece