Microsoft confirms game stuttering issues due to Windows 10 Creators Update

In April 2017, Microsoft released the Creator’s Update for Windows 10. However, it appears that this update has caused some gaming-related issues to a number of gamers. According to reports, there were noticeable stuttering issues in games with the Creator’s Update. Naturally, some thought this was a placebo effect, however Microsoft has confirmed that these issues are indeed present.

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frankiebeans460d ago

Android Oreo made mynexus5x chug and feel like complete shit all the time.
Windows 10 update made my games stutter
all within the past month wtf is going on here

Unspoken460d ago

Every Android update ruins phones where they were not meant to run. Had to get a new phone because marshmallow was killing my phone.

mochachino459d ago

Oreo made my Pixel much slower and turned my formerly great battery life to crap.

mochachino459d ago

Oreo ruined my battery life. Any my extremely snappy Pixel is far less snappy.

I get that software will have bugs from time to time, my problem is how long they take to acknowledge it exists and fix it. It shouldn't take months.

Mikelarry460d ago

Thought i was going insane as BF1 was stuttering alot for me, hopefully they can release a update rectify the issue soonish

TheColbertinator460d ago

Thought it was on my end that I got stuttering from running the apps.