Shenmue 3 to Have Minimal Load Times

After the last two entries in the series released more than a decade ago, Shenmue 3 is transitioning to current-generation consoles with Unreal Engine 4, paving the way for improvements to the game’s load times.

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CrimsonWing69462d ago

I hope this turns out good, I really do.

GamesMaster1982461d ago

Yep this and Resident Evil 2 Remake and i can die a happy man.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi462d ago

Just please fix the facial animations

GamesMaster1982462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

If they keep the facial animations close to the first 2 games then excellent. I really hope they don't try and make Ryo look lifelike as it just won't be the same.

kdmitchell_toh462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

*Sarcasm mode on*

So you're telling me that a game loading off of a hard drive will load faster than a game that ran off a disc? Along with better compression tech as well? Well dang, I would have never guessed that.

*Sarcasm mode off*

Ittoittosai462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Cant wait backed this MOFO. I want to go Hasuzki style on it!!

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