How Sonic the Hedgehog's Biggest Fan Helped Save the Franchise

How a Sonic fan helped save the franchise with Sonic Mania.

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DivineAssault 337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Played through mania 2x and can keep going.. I love it and very happy it got the green light.. I know theres a lot of modern sonic fans out there but i couldnt stand it anymore.. Generations was ok but mania is my favorite..

cha0sknightmare337d ago

it's absolutely divine. Done 4 play throughs so far and no plans of stopping.

SuperSonic91337d ago

Labor of Love. Kudos! To Sonic Mania Team, Sega of America and all millions of Sonic fans aroundd the world. What a great love story Sonic Mania and Forces is.

talocaca336d ago

Sonic Mania is surprisingly excellent 😍

For YEARS I wondered if I liked Sonic in the past only because I was a kid.

I played parts of Sonic 4 and the 2D levels of the PS3 games and they always felt messy and uncontrollable.

Mania is different. It always throws something different at me and the controls are TIGHT.