Microsoft considers a next-gen Shadowrun game - Interview with Producer Dan Connery

I (Robin Ek, TGG) just got the chance to do an interview with Daniel Connery about his next-gen Shadowrun proposal to Microsoft. So here's what Connery told us.

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WhyHate162d ago

A current generation action RPG / multiplayer Shadowrun game, sign me up! 👍

TGG_overlord161d ago

I hope that as well =) And just for the record. I sorted out this review around 4:00 in the morning. So if anything, that really proves that I love the "Shadowrun" universe a whole lot xD

Obscure_Observer161d ago

Very excited about this new project. Hope Microsoft to give this a go.

slate91161d ago

I would cry if they did a sequel to the FPS in 2007

TGG_overlord161d ago

The game wasn't all that bad really, but most of the fans wanted a new game of the same sort as the old-school "Shadowrun games" (thus the huge success with Harebrained Schemes "Shadowrun" games).

nitus10161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Which one the SNES (fairly easy) or the Sega Megadrive (Genesis) which IMHO was more challenging? Still, I did enjoy them both.

Littil_Devil161d ago

Imo, it was the "Shadowrun" title that ruined that game, because the hardcore fans turned away from the game as it was nothing like the old games...And that's rather sad, since the game is anything but bad.

PapaBop161d ago

That game was so ahead of it's time, they should add that to backwards compatibility and have it in their GWG membership thing, would be awesome to see that game get populated again.

TGG_overlord161d ago

Word on that man =) That's also why I worked really hard to nail down this interview (I was done around 4:00 in the morning Swedish time).

slate91161d ago

Its already on BC :) . It holds up pretty well too. Could use a remake for improved hit detection, though.

Bladesfist161d ago

I really loved that game and I enjoy the RPGs too. But that was my favourite multiplayer FPS for a long time.

Littil_Devil161d ago

I'm cool with this, but I don't like the thought of having this title as a Xbox One exclusive...

TGG_overlord161d ago

Fair enough, I suppose. So I take it that the game "might" be a Xbox One exclusive for a year or so :P

LexHazard79161d ago

Do you want exclusives or not?

TGG_overlord161d ago

I don't have anything against exclusives, but it seems to be a rather sensitive topic on N4G, since people down vote everyone that says anything negative against exclusives. Nevertheless, "if" the game ends up being a Xbox One exclusive title, then I guess that I would just have to buy the console.

ocelot07161d ago

Doubt it would be an exclusive if they indeed make a sequel. The first one was on PC.

TGG_overlord161d ago

The 2007 game was released to both PC and Xbox 360.

Kribwalker161d ago

Well MS does own the IP, they just licensed it out for the most recent game made. So it could be exclusive just on that alone

Godmars290161d ago

Like its not going to be on PC?

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MilkMan161d ago

If it's the same garbage they did in the 360 days. Keep on dreaming and pass that idea by.

Bobafret161d ago

The 2007 game was not an RPG, you are just chiming in to bitch.

MilkMan161d ago

yeah, I was bitching at the fact that 2007 game was basura.of the highest grade.

TGG_overlord161d ago

Nope, it was an multiplayer only FPS game.

TGG_overlord161d ago

I hardly doubt it, because that's not the vibes that I got while talking to Dan Connery for hours last night.

Veneno161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Wow its getting so bad that people are dreaming up Xbox exclusives and then passing it on as news.

TGG_overlord161d ago

Just check the down votes *cough cough*

Veneno161d ago

Do you mean for your comment?

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