"Dagashi Kashi" Author Sketches Celebrate "Final Fantasy VII"

This week was the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII's American release. In Japan, folks were also thinking about FFVII. Dagashi Kashi, author Kotoya ma offered their take on the classic JRPG with some sketches of... guess... Barret Wallace. No, Tifa, of course!

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Asuka400d ago

I must say... my childhood crush for Tifa is resurfacing. Can't to experience the remake.

Fist4achin399d ago

Agreed. Tifa was definitely hot!

CrimsonWing69399d ago

Man please don't SJW Tifa up in the Remake...

TricksterArrow399d ago

TBH, Tifa is hardly sexualized... Yes, she wears somewhat sexy clothes (pretty normal clothes in some hot countries), but that is pretty much it. Her breast size is a bit overplayed by fanarts, she has big breasts but are nothing abnormal. Case in point: Dissidia, Advent Children and Crisis Core.

There is nothing to be "SJW"ed. People are making such a fuss about her one way or another that they just might, though...

CrimsonWing69399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Do you not remember the scene where she is holding herself up on cliffside with her breasts? I think SJWs would go nuts on her original design.

Cobra951399d ago

Hardly sexualized? You're kidding. Sex appeal is integral to this character. They can't take it out without ruining the character. And don't underestimate the power of incessant bullying by political activists. The only way to escape that is to keep the artwork out of public view until release day.

TricksterArrow399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

@Crimson That scene and also the scene in the Highwind were already addressed by FFVII's creators as an exaggeration because of graphical limitations. This was addressed because some idiots were actually claiming Tifa had her tits "reduced" in Advent Children. They simply answered "no, now they are how we always wanted them to be seen".

@Cobra No. Tifa is not sexualized. She uses no deep cleavages, the game never makes nor tries even a single panty shot, there is never zooming in on her breasts, thighs, ass or any other part of her body, nor does anyone, including herself, ever addresses her on a sexualized manner, with the exception of Don Corneo, but he does that to every woman, and Cloud. Scarlett is a sexualized character, Tifa is sexy just as any regular woman would be sexy, without sexual exploitation. There is nothing to be "fixed" with Tifa.

Rikku is more sexualized then Tifa.

Cobra951399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Trickster, I fully agree there is nothing to be fixed. Leave her alone. If her typical portrayal doesn't affect you in any way, that's fine too. But if you ask around, I think you'll find you're in the minority.

dillydadally399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

I don't know. Just do a google image search for Tifa and tell me if you think the images are sexualized in any way. I think it's pretty clear she's thought of as having a lot of sex appeal in general. Having said that, there's nothing in her character in the game that really portrays that other than her clothing, and I doubt they'd change that. Perhaps her larger than normal breasts, which they might tone down a little to match Advent Children.

TricksterArrow399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

@dillydally, those are fanart. How fans perceive a character after the work of fiction they are in is "set free" goes beyond intentions and the work itself. You can pretty much search "Marlene" and I guarantee you'll see some stuff you'll regret.

In official material, Tifa is just a regular girl with somewhat short clothes. Not shorter than several characters, including Yuffie, which is in the same game as her and has micro unzipped shorts, and we are hardly debating it here.

Tifa is a great character with no exploitation. She just happens to be beautiful and that's enough for people to bitch about or to some people consider her overly sexualized, I guess?

Pozzle398d ago

I doubt they'll change her design in the remake. Square has included Tifa's original outfit in a lot of spin-offs and it's identical to her FFVII outfit. This is Tifa's most recent artwork for that G-Bike mobile game... https://orig10.deviantart.n...

rainslacker398d ago

I think it'll be more along the lines of Advent Children. The overly large breasts originally were more a thing from the pixellated characters made based on the technology of the time. Not that they aren't still large, but not exaggerated to epic proportions.

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