The Crew 2: PAX West Gameplay

Joseph at Skewed and Reviewed has posted some gameplay of his hands-on time with The Crew 2 during a meeting with Ubisoft. The footage shows the mix of vehicles, and gameplay available for fans.

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Tech571d ago

the lighting quality and water detail for this game is like photo realistic

Garethvk71d ago

I am not a racing game fan but enjoyed this. Playing as a plane buzzing Manhattan was great fun then switching to a boat and then a car on the fly.

Bigpappy71d ago

What hardware were you playing this on?

Garethvk71d ago

Hard to say. Xbox One controller but could have been a PC in the case.

boing171d ago

Can't wait. Loved the first.

chris23571d ago

thought the crew 1 was a bit meh. but what the heck. the graphics look stunning. I'm in. again. too less racing games on the ps4.

Garethvk71d ago

We also played one donin 2018 called Gravel that was fun but this one really was fun.

Elit3Nick70d ago

How were the driving physics? That TT RS looked very twitchy when you cornered