Why Destiny 2 Really Is Bigger And Better Than The Original (TSA)

TSA writes: "Destiny 2 is already a huge success, as evidenced by Bungie tweeting last night that the game had 1.2 million concurrent players already – take that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds! – and one or two minor faux-pas aside that have riled up some parts of the community, there’s an almost overwhelming positivity surrounding the game. It deserves it, with Bungie making a clean break from the original, in a way that the expansions never could, and using that opportunity to redefine what Destiny is."

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corroios336d ago

It not that hard. The first Destiny got a huge amount of content cut for the DLC. Of course this one also happend the same, but less.

Even so, it lacks many things. The biggest is a new race to face. Its easy doing D2 without bringing a new race and all the story behind. Also the mechanic are the same with some tweaks on the weapons.

Dont like what they did with the shades

I would hope same new mode for the Co-op like a surviver againts all the races with waves after waves.

gamer9336d ago

It has a great campaign and polished world. Aside from that it’s the exact same game with a coat of paint. I have to ask why it’s the same classes, same enemies, same strike/nightfall structure, visit xur on the weekend, etc. put in the hours until you can do the raid. It’s the 6th iteration of the game in 3 years, the 6th time leveling up, it’s getting rather tiresome at this point