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Fight of Gods is here to stir up a fresh controversy, with it allowing players to assume the role of Jesus and beat up (or be beaten up by) a variety of other gods.

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nikrel71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Wonder if muhammad fatality blows himself and the other fight up.

kevnb70d ago

if muhammad was in the game it would be a huge backlash from muslims since nobody is supposed to draw hin, maybe he will be dlc?

nikrel70d ago

Maybe. $6.66 sounds like a good price point.

Ittoittosai70d ago

No muslims are supposed to draw Mohammad everyone else is prefectly free to. Just because Muslims are ignorant of their own religions limitations doesnt mean everyone is.

roadkillers70d ago

^ Maybe, but Comedy Central censored South Park from showing Mohammad. Haha, I find this funny.

SolidStateSnake70d ago

Please don't label all muslims based on a few radicals. Maybe I should start label all Christians as crazy KKK members?

Liqu1d70d ago

@Ittoittosai Everyone else isn't free to draw Muhammad.

Chinkyinc1870d ago (Edited 70d ago )

"Though images of Muhammad are not explicitly banned by the Quran itself, prominent Islamic views have long opposed human images, especially those of prophets."
-Right there in the Wiki you linked. Apparently, no one is prohibited.

Liqu1d70d ago

@Chinkyink "no one is prohibited"

Tell that to the vitcims of Charlie Hebdo.

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denawayne70d ago

"muhammad fatality blows himself"

Ha, I had to read that twice. I think you meant, "blows himself up"

DrShoe69d ago

I hope the Muhammad DLC is historically accurate, and he is shown to be exactly 4 foot tall with a micro-p*n*s.

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FlameWater70d ago

It's the game we never knew we needed

Relientk7770d ago

Can't wait to hear all the SJWs complain about this one

roadkillers70d ago

"Jesus calls upon you to spread the message of piece... FIGHT OF THE GODS"

adamwparker70d ago

It's only 'controversial' to those who believe in an invisible man in the sky.

To the rest of's just another fighting game.

GamesMaster198269d ago

At least someone has their head screwed on. Thank you i totally agree.

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