Rumor: Shenmue 1 & 2 Pack for PS4 and Xbox One Possibly Leaked By Multiple Retailers

A Shenmue 1 & 2 Pack has been possibly leaked for PS4 and Xbox One by a bunch of different Eastern European retailers.

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Apocalypse Shadow71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

That would be awesome. But I'll believe it when I see it "officially" announced. And not a rumor retail leak.

Until then, I guess I could just pull out one of the two Dreamcast systems and play them again before 3 comes out. Unless they are improving the quality of the ports.

Smitty202071d ago

Ye it would b great I still need to pick up a dreamcast

Eidolon71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Would honestly play on original console unless they add trophy support and 1080p. Which is inevitable if they release on PS4, the release of I&II seem inevitable too. Don't have a dreamcast anymore, and never played those games, so it's good to hear that a PS4 release of the originals is at least rumored, I was hoping to get my hands on them before Shenmue.. guess I'll play these games and get III at a discount.

deno71d ago

You should. They still make new games for the Dreamcast. Huge indie following for the system. I got two, one for backup you know.

bouzebbal70d ago

dream comes true..
i'd love to replay them.

3-4-571d ago

This needs to happen.

It's technically a 15 part/chapter story with each game being a part or chapter.

So to play only 3 without the first two, it just wouldn't make sense.

It would be like only ever seeing Return of the Jedi, without seeing Star Wars:ANH or The Empire Strikes back.

Or starting a book on chapter 3.

Shenmue 1 is a gaming masterpiece and a true classic.

The budget for Shenmue 1 at the time was like 70 million which if converted to money today would be a lot more.

It's budget was larger in the 90's, than Shenmue 3 is getting now.

Just shows you what little they have to work with now compared to the 90's in terms of budget for this series.

I really hope we get a 1&2 port/remake.

It's needed for shenmue 3 to have any success.

Marcello71d ago

@3-4-5 It wasnt 70 million, it was 47 million.

roadkillers70d ago

They really need to release it and if they were smart have it cheap. I really couldn't care less for this game if the buzz from fans wasn't so high. Fans are the ones who have me interested, release the first two and if I enjoy them I'll go to 3.

MonChiChi70d ago

I disagree that it is needed for 3 to be successful. It would be a nice bonus.

DigitalRaptor64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

The misconception that Shenmue Chapter 1 alone cost $70 million is due to a fallacy purported by Sega to make this game on their upcoming system sound more impressive because they still had invested a lot into it.

Yu Suzuki confirmed that the actual cost was closer to $47 million, and that included both Shenmue I & Shenmue II, including all the research & development costs for the project, the 4 years that they spent on creating the Saturn version of the game only to throw it away and work completely from scratch on the Dreamcast technology, building a brand new engine from scratch, with tons of bespoke and innovative technology never before seen in a game. So when you break it down, each game's budget was roughly $23 million, and if you take into account the things like the years spent on the unreleased Saturn version, that might even take it down to less than $20 million when all is said and done.

What YS Net now has to work with from a financial perspective is the $6+ million Kickstarter money, the funding Shibuya Productions is providing (which is the vast majority), Deep Silver's financial investment including publishing and distributing, and Sony's marketing dollars for the PS4 version of the game. I'm quite sure that with this ~$20 million number in mind, that YS Net is not really that far away from that with Shenmue III. Also consider this:

What YS Net now has to work with from a development perspective is the Unreal Engine 4, which is middleware that immediately provides much of the heavy lifting, where they don't need to create a custom engine or that many bespoke features for their game.

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CobraKai71d ago

Watching the trailer hit the nostalgia bone something fierce. It's been years since I played through the first 2, and I would gladly play them again on a current gen console with Dreamcast graphics and all.

S2Killinit71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

It would be awesome. But i'll believe it when I see it.

A Day One buy

Agent_00_Revan71d ago

It may be just a rumor at the moment, but a rerelease of 1&2 is inevitable. No way are they releasing 3 by itself to PS players, which have never had 1&2.

goken70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Great if true! was waiting for them to announce shenmue 1&2 for the current gens...
also release on Xbox one? if true this news kinda tickles me. imagine someone gets 1&2 on the Xbo and falls in love with the game..... they will be forced to get the ps4 to play the 3rd and final Shenmue right? lol

gamer780470d ago

its possible it will come to the xbox after ps4, they just have a deal with sony to market the game. The creator said "i'll let you use your imagination on that one" when asked if there would be an xbox version. It appears he just can't talk about it due to his partial deal with sony.

0Day70d ago

Get ready to have your mind blown.... Shenmue 2 was on original Xbox. It's never been on a Sony console before.

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Tetsujin71d ago

Hopefully. Or probably like they did with Shenmue 2 on Xbox; release a "movie" which shows the highlights of the first game to get people ready for the second.

trumpwonstopcrying71d ago

I could go for a movie of the first two. I won't have time to play all 3 of them

Segata71d ago

That movie was so poorly edited. Besides with YouTube you can just go watch a playthrough.

NotoriousWhiz70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

If you're going to watch a play through, you can just play it yourself. The purpose of a movie is to give you the whole plot in a short time frame. What playthrough can do that?

If they did something like Kingsglaive for the back story, I'd be content.

Segata70d ago


Kingsglaive should have been in the game. The Shenmue movie leaves a lot out. Also no you can't just play it since not many people have a Dreamcast.

Angainor771d ago


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SaveFerris71d ago

If this is true, then Shenmue III must be a timed 'console exclusive' for the PS4, huh?

S2Killinit71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Maybe, but at this pace it would be a long time before its ported to the xbox.

awdevoftw71d ago

Sega published the first two, so they can publish them on whatever they want. 3 is not, so it remains to be seen.

PhoenixUp70d ago

Would Sony really help fund this game if it were timed exclusive

Mr_Writer8570d ago

Yes of course Sony would, see No man's Sky.

The only reason there isn't a X1 port is because the mess it launched in, I can see an X1 port in the future.

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Shenmues in my Top 5 games of all time, but I'm not rebuying unless it's a from the ground up remake like Yakuza Kiwami.

goken70d ago

played the original yakuza on ps2... great game. is yakuza kiwami worth getting?