The 9 Best VR Games Of 2017 So Far

Jamie Feltham from UploadVR: "As hard as it is to believe, we’re over halfway through 2017, and what a year it’s been. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are now a year into their lifecycles and Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) isn’t far behind. We’ve seen developers really start to get much more comfortable with these headsets, and that’s lead to much bigger and better VR experiences compared to what we were seeing this time last year."

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Apocalypse Shadow313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

No Far Point or SUPER HOT on the list makes it a weak subjective list even if I agree with some of the picks like Lone Echo, Star Trek and RE7. If you're going to update and repost the list from August, it's still missing two hot games.

philm87312d ago

So close to buying a PSVR, think Black Friday may be my time. Really wish there were more places to try it though.

Playing RE7 through in non-VR at the moment, not sure I'd be able to handle it in VR!!! At least playing it through once without the headset might take the edge off!

Leeroyw312d ago

It's so bloody good in VR. And the fact that you feel in control overcomes the scares. One of the most immersive games I've played. Take the jump my friend. I love mine.

Recommended :
Dirt Rally VR
Eve Valkyrie

philm87312d ago

Cheers. Had never heard of Windlands but looks really cool. A couple of things are holding me back unless the price drops, that is 1) wanting to try it before buying and 2) I've heard that the move controllers don't work all that well.

freshslicepizza312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

You should have bought Oculus when it was just $399, by far the best deal out there. Even now it's a good deal because you get the best controllers, 6 games and 2 sensors for $499. Vive is another great choice for $599. Sony should drop the price of PSVR to $299 (headset only).

philm87312d ago

Probably would go Oculus if I had a PC, but spending the money on top of the headset isn't an option for me right now.

freshslicepizza312d ago

No problem, PSVR headset is supposed to be very comfortable.