15 Minutes Of Far Cry 5 Gameplay From PAX West

During their coverage of PAX West, Ubisoft invited Skewed and Reviewed to their private suite to get a more in depth and detailed look at some of their upcoming games than was possible at Their booth. Here is some extender Gameplay for Far Cry 5 which was edited down from their full session.

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Garethvk343d ago

It was a much larger build than I got at E3. I was thrilled to find more areas and options open. I will admit I took what I learned at E3 to draw them out and clear them at the start. You will see I went into the church waiting to take on a few there but I got them in our little diversion ahead of time.

Smitty2020343d ago

Looking forward to this installment

Garethvk343d ago

I wish we could have shown the entire thing but they recorded on a SSD and handed us pages of what we could and could not show and what we had to edit out before posting.

Tollefaan343d ago

Where is the 15 minute clip?

Garethvk343d ago

Had to be edited down per Ubisoft.

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QuickdrawMcgraw343d ago

Looking forward to this game....

Garethvk343d ago

The co-op play will be great.

smolinsk343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

The co-op part will be shit, you no longer progress in level or story wise or anything now when playing co-op, that sucks big time... amazingly stupid decision

Garethvk343d ago

They told us differently but they also said the final build is not set which is true as it is months away.

Garethvk343d ago

Not really. Ubisoft was strict on what we could and could not show. There was stuff we saw that we had to edit out of the video.

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