NVIDIA's performance improvement per generation has dropped from 70% (pre-2010) to 30% (post-2010)

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s ‘AdoredTV’ has shared two interesting videos, highlighting the history of NVIDIA’s GeForce graphics cards. In these videos, AdoredTV has shared a graph detailing the performance improvement for NVIDIA’s GPUs per generation. And as we can see, the performance improvement has been significantly reduced."

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Killa78161d ago

It's because AMD aren't doing anything, same with Intel until recently.

Vega didn't exactly hit the peaks necessary so prices will remain very high.

Mind you Nvidia are a joke of a company.

Haurus161d ago

Nvidia may have gone down hill in recent years but it is usually still slightly better in raw hardware performance than AMD, and always massively better in software/drivers. They also innovate with new hardware features far more often than AMD.

cigi161d ago

If you count GameWorks /hairworks and other meassures to ensure things are running bad on other platforms then yes - Nvidia are very innovative.

Tapani161d ago

What are you guys babbling about Nvidia going down the drain??!

Take a look at the stock price, take a look at what financial analysts say about the company, take a look at what they are doing in IoT and Mobile space and with Nintendo!! They also support and co-operate with numerous world-class AI and Medical Device companies and improve healthcare and self-driving cars (reducing accidents = saving lives.)

Nvidia is a superb company that is changing the world. It hasn't been a desktop-focused GPU company for a while, and they are better for it. But! They still have the best tech, and lead GPU space globally.

People here speak about images and not facts. Nvidia is incredibly respected company globally and in the business world. They hire only the very best talent.

Get your images down the toilet and focus on facts please!

Haurus161d ago


Conspiracy theory nonsence. Nvidia has features that AMD cards do not fully support, just as AMD has features that Nvidia cards do not fully support, (a couple that currently do not work at all on Nvidia cards). AMD has always been lacking in driver quality and support. It is not like Nvidia forces all 3rd party developers to program in anti-AMD limiters to their games. It is an issue on AMDs end that they could easily fix if they wanted to.

Unspoken160d ago

The main reason I cannot support nVidia. They have lacked severely in architectural improvements and continue to increase the prices of their cards.

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NewMonday161d ago

chip tech in general is suffering from diminishing returns, harder and harder to develop manufacturing techniques for smaller chip die and roll them out in an efficient scale.

XMessiah23x160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

What world are you living in. AMD is inferior to Nvidia cards in almost every way. Power, Drivers and Nvidia cards
produce less heat than AMD. AMD has always been the cheaper alternative but you pay for it in life of cards and heat they produce in you system.

kevnb161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

the last two generations had pretty good performance boosts, there was a period where they were re-badging making this statement misleading.

STK026161d ago

Performance gains might have dropped but power efficiency has increased. And until AMD manages to beat them in performance, Nvidia has few reasons to change their strategy. Focusing on efficiency allows them to dominate the laptop dedicated gpu market while amd still doesn't have anything to show on that side. And by looking at vega's power requirements, they're not ready to compete on that front.