Microsoft needs to invest in more games like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Yakuza Kiwami

MSPoweruser: "The Xbox ecosystem is becoming more appealing by the day, but it needs more quirky experiences similar to Mario + Rabbids to cultivate a larger player base."

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freshslicepizza340d ago

It has many startegy games. X-COM, it will have Age of Empires IV, Halo Wars 1 and 2. They are also releasing keyboard mouse support.

We get it, Microsoft needs to invest more. Most would agree on that.

WePlayDirty340d ago

Perhaps it's not the RTS genre as a whole that the article is talking about... but the style of game that presents itself as an RTS. As with Yakuza Kiwami...this type of game on Xbox wouldn't sell well.

Kingthrash360340d ago

That's the problem. People who think like you areally holding the xbox back.
How do you know what will sell....more over, why do you care? I mean I would play a game like Yakuza on xbox I would play a game like rabbids....hell I'll play anything entertaining. It's dumb to say it won't sell on nothing is selling well on it. Just get more games on it so more people will be interested in it. Smh

WePlayDirty340d ago

Kingthrash.... Are you by any chance the same person who has the youtube channel KingThrash Gaming?

WePlayDirty340d ago

King, How do I know it won't sell? I don't 'know', i'm using an educated assumption by looking at the history of games available for the Xbox. History tells us that the majority of the user base that plays Xbox is not interested in RTS style games, that's just a fact. If it wasn't the case, RTS games on Xbox would be popular and this conversation wouldn't be happening. Nintendo games that are RPG or RTS come in all shapes and sizes.. this one came with the mario skin.. thus it sells well.

Getting more games on Xbox doesn't mean more people will be interested in it. There needs to be GOOD games that will entice people to go to the store and pick up a system. Until then, Xbox will be known as the console with lackluster exclusive games.

339d ago
bluefox755339d ago

@Woolly Don't be bitter. Not unless MS is paying you to.

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MegamanXXX339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Xcom is a multiplatform game 🤔😅

freshslicepizza338d ago

So? The point was there are already games like it.

MegamanXXX338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Not enough games.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Microsoft needs to invest in development studios and exclusive games. Halo, Forza, and Gears aren't going to be able to carry Xbox forever.

trooper_339d ago

XB1 needs VARIETY.

What you listed there isn't variety.

ShadowWolf712338d ago

Why are you assuming it'll have Age of Empires IV?

Only platform known right now is PC.

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WePlayDirty340d ago

Oh yes, because the Xbox user base will definitely want the buy a Mario +Rabbids kingdom type game... /s

EddieNX 340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

The game is fully amazing I'm sure any xbox gamer would enjoy it. Unless you only like dark games , have no sense of humour or soul etc.

The best game I've played in ages and destroys almost every exclusive on the xbox 1 (I have an xb1 as well btw)

WePlayDirty340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

You're sure 'any' Xbox gamer would enjoy it? You don't know the Xbox user base then. I'm being realistic and objective, not seeing through the rose tinted glasses. You might like the game, that's FINE. But would this type of game sell well and be a critical hit on xbox? god no. *My estimate would be between 500k and a million units.

EddieNX 340d ago

At the end of the day it's better than most if not all exclusives on the XB1. Are you telling me they would want to play something that is if that quality?

The game is properly tough behind the cute persona . I guarantee most xbox gamers wouldn't be able to put their pad down after an hour or 2 of playing.

WePlayDirty340d ago

Again, I appreciate that you find the game captivating. I know there would be people who would play this type of game and love it, but I seriously don't think it would be a critical hit on Xbox. To say it's better than 'most if not all exclusives on the XB1' is your subjective opinion.

Lennoxb63340d ago

I don't know how old you think Xbox gamers are but a lot are old enough to have enjoyed Mario on Nintendo consoles. You know before there was an Xbox, we were still gamers.

EddieNX 340d ago

I know that's kind of the point I'm making. Millions of Xbox gamers would love to play Kingdom Battle.

WePlayDirty340d ago

Yes there are alot of Xbox gamers who enjoyed Mario on Nintendo before the Xbox came out... but i'm talking about the gamers right NOW, or are you forgetting that part? When an RPG or RTS comes to Xbox, it doesn't sell well because of the niche audience on Xbox. When a new IP comes to Xbox, it doesn't sell that well. But hey, when Forza, Halo or Gears comes to Xbox, it sells 3+ Million easily.. For someone to say a Mario Rabbid Kingdom type game would do better than an established franchise in sales and popularity is simply delusional.

EddieNX 339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

What you're basically doing is stereotyping 30M as having predictable and generic taste in gaming.

The fact of the matter is, the game is amazing so it would sell unless they don't like buying excellent games. 1M doesn't constitute poor sales, that's pretty good. And I bet it would do more. Xbox gamers would be all over anything with Mario in it in a heartbeat, but that will never happen.

Lennoxb63340d ago

If Inside, Ori, Rocket League, and other indie, niche titles can be successful on Xbox, so can this game. Mind you, Inside sold 1 million on Xbox before it went to PC. Xbox gamers are more diverse than you think. It just garners more clicks to push the notion that we aren't.

WePlayDirty340d ago

Do you have a source for the sales of Inside?

Just because some niche titles are relatively 'successful' on Xbox, that doesn't mean another type of game, or another game in general if it's a new IP, can be successful too. That's logic. Some games are a hit, some games are miss. Look at Recore.. a platformer that looks ok to play had objectively bad sales as a budget title.

Chevalier339d ago

You know if Xbox wasn't trying to cultivate something, why the heck were they pushing Super Lucky Tale?! Its Marioesque type looking game. At 500,000- 1 Million like someone here suggested would be pretty decent numbers for this type of game (i.e. Mario Rabbids). It wouldn't hurt to try to broaden their appeal to further grow their market. I would buy these types of games for my Xbox One if they were made.

badz149339d ago


Don't take anything about Nintendo from EddieNX. Easily the biggest Nintendo fanboy here. For him Switch is the best console ever made, MK8 is the best racing game there is, BoTW is the best game of all time and Nintendo exclusives are better than anything on Xbox and PS combined.

Truth is, if Mario is not in this game, it won't get as much praise

EddieNX 339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

You mean when you see positive comments from a Nintendo fan it upsets haters like you because all you e joy doing is trashing Nintendo games that you haven't played.

BOTW is better than any PS4 or XB1 exclusive and MK8 is a lot.more fun than any ps4 or XB1 exclusive.

I'm not even overly biassed I'm just right lol. Cry baby.

Why o why339d ago

Yo bro

Vita pinata was listed last gen. . . .

fiveby9339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

I think MS would love to attract new platform purchases. XBox surely has (unfairly or not) the bro shooter stigma. So marketing 1st or 3rd party titles from a non-typical genre for Xbox would not be a bad thing. I am quite sure MS would like to be known for catering to all genres / gamers. It takes time to build a community / userbase but it also takes some effort on the part of the platform holder too.

nativegoku339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

My kid and nieces play Minecraft roblox etc.... on Xbox.... there are kids not just adults who play games dude wtf...

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XiNatsuDragnel340d ago

Yeah man they need that diversity but with peew peew or vroom or get down mechanics

PhoenixUp340d ago

Microsoft already has Halo Wars as a spinoff in addition to still producing Age of Empires.

Microsoft investing in games aimed specifically at eastern gamers would be a lost cause since their past efforts at doing so hasn't been impactful in that market. Xbox 360 had a number of exclusive and timed exclusive games for Japanese gamers and in the end it only sold 1.6 million in that region.

Plus when a megaton games like FFXV struggles to barely sell a million on Xbox One, you can be certain that many Japanese publishers would be skeptical to put lesser known RPGs on it

NeoGamer232339d ago

Agreed. There is a issue in Japan with Microsoft.

Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon were great games and had some effect on Japan, but they needed to do more. But, the question has to be asked as to how well an American console vendor can truly do in Japan ever. Japan seems to be anti-import when it comes to consoles no matter how good they do elsewhere.

Microsoft may be better off to team up with Nintendo. Maybe quit selling Xbox in Japan and put exclusives and Kinect on Switch. Then, Nintendo adopts Xbox Live worldwide as its online platform.

shinoff2183338d ago

Why not team up with sony in japan rather then nintendo

NeoGamer232338d ago

To me the ultimate console would be made by all three vendors together, XBL would be the network, and Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft would put out great games for the console. But, we are a ways from that still.

rainslacker338d ago

Their past efforts saw them giving up too soon. In order to get the fan base to support those types of games, you have to keep delivering those kinds of games to said fan base, otherwise they look elsewhere. MS won't capture gold with every single release, but if they kept up their early 360 attempts through the whole generation, and even into this gen, then the people who appreciate those kinds of games would be more willing to consider Xbox. Eventually, it means more console sales, thus more software sales, thus more marketshare.

MS wants the easy path of just doing what they know will be successful right away. If they don't care to try and cater to a larger target market, then why should the devs care about trying to support MS?

All MS is doing is making it so their console is only relevant in a specific portion of the market, as opposed to continuously expanding their market appeal.

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