What if Spyro: The Dragon, Sonic R and Rayman were remade in Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 fans, here are three interesting videos for you today. Ever wondered what Spyro: The Dragon, Sonic R and Rayman would look like in Epic’s latest engine? Well time to find out as some users have been experimenting with such recreations.

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nitus10253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

Wait till the first video is finished and the thumbnails pop up before selecting the next one.

Unreal 4 seems to be getting a lot of love lately although IMHO deservedly so. You can actually download Unreal 4 for free although you should always read the EULA which is quite reasonable. Afterall if you are going to make money using the Unreal engine then you should contribute (see the EULA) to the developers.

It is also worth doing a search on "Unity" versus Unreal" and watching those videos.

BTW. Just because you get the Unreal engine or any gaming development kit for that matter don't think you will be able to churn out a money making game easily it still requires talent and allot of work. Unfortunately there some suspect developers (ie. asset flippers) who do churn out rubbish as people who use Steam can testify. Even PSN is not immune to these shoddy developers (Life of the Black Tiger - anyone).

Relientk77253d ago

Spyro looks great

Really hoping for that Spyro HD Remake Trilogy collection

EatCrow253d ago

Wish spyro would come back...same light tone or darker.

253d ago