Switch Sales Top an Estimated 5 Million Units Worldwide

Nintendo's latest console, the Switch, has surpassed five million units sold worldwide, according to VGChartz estimates.

The Nintendo Switch reached the milestone for the week ending July 22, 2017. The console sold 272,770 units to bring its lifetime sales to 5,195,578 units.

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FallenAngel1984256d ago

That's more than 1/3 of total Wii U sales and NS has only sold in the first half of its release year

trunkswd256d ago

Switch has been a success for Nintendo so far. Right now it depends on how many units they are able to ship.

SmielmaN256d ago

Just amazing that they recovered... again.

I Love Nintendo.

freshslicepizza256d ago

"Switch has been a success for Nintendo so far. Right now it depends on how many units they are able to ship."

I'd like to know two things. One is how many they sold in North America and Two is how many do they ship each month to North America. Nintendo has poor representation in the USA.

whothedog256d ago

Use Google moldy for your questions. Why you think they have poor rep in US? And if that turns out to be true about poor rep, seems they are doing good without positive rep. 3DS is doing wonderful and even the mini consoles are doing great just by saying hey we are making this. WiiU was horrible, and Wii was commercially a success with some good games and some great games, horrible 3rd party though.

Smitty2020255d ago

I would get a switch but they r always sold out lol

getbacktogaming255d ago

I wonder what the sales figures would have looked like if it was actually available in store!

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SuperSonic91255d ago

I hope I am wrong when I say the Switch is the Wii U annd 3DS's successor at the same time
So that we will all be seeing one console from Nintendo from now on.

wheresmymonkey255d ago

Nope. It is, they've merged all the game divisions into one. We might end up get a handheld only version of the tech eventually. But as far as a platform its concerned its all going to be switch from next year.

thegamefox93255d ago

It sold 5.2 million on July 22nd. It's probably at 6 million now.
I predict 10 million will be sold by the end of the year.

superchiller255d ago

Doubtful. Sales are already slowing way down with very few games coming out in the near future. Mario will give it a bump, but just like the Wii U, no amount of first party Nintendo games will, by itself, sustain the Switch. Unless 3rd party developers really get on board (not just a few indies), the Switch will have a very hard time maintaining momentum. Wii U proved this conclusively, Switch is going to deal with the same issues.

iofhua255d ago

It entirely depends on how many units they can manufacture. I think they could sell 20 million the first year but they won't manufacture that many. There's certainly demand for it.

Neonridr254d ago

@superchiller - Mario comes out next month.. pretty sure that is going to move several million units alone.

addictedtochaos256d ago

Safe to say that the Switch will outsell the Wii U.

thekhurg256d ago

Probably Xbox this generation too.

slavish0256d ago

Lol u fanboys said the same thing about the wiiu vs xbox one.

roland82256d ago Show
Gaming4Life1981256d ago

The nintendo switch will not outsell Xbox one even with it being the cheaper system. The switch outselling the Wii u is laughable when the Wii u was a failure.

PapaBop255d ago

With the speed in which they are producing units, it'll take them like half a decade to beat the Xbox this gen.

RosweeSon255d ago

I'd say so and at this rate within the next 2 years.

thekhurg255d ago


It sold 5 million in six months - more than what MS did in its 1st six months. Doesn't take "some dumbass fanboy" to realize the machine is selling very well and will continue to do so because of the lower price tag, incredible first party exclusives, and diversity of the platform being both mobile and a "console".

CBaoth255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

so now we're comparing 9th gen sales to 8th gen? WiiU is a commercial flop. At 15 million and stagnating, XB1 is already ahead 2:1. Thanks in part to the X, One will gradually end up between 50-60 million by 2020. PS5 and nXtBox may not sell more than the Switch but it's way too early to say. However, there is no way Nintendo will outsell MS THIS gen. Nintendo has flopped 3 of the last 4 console generations. They ain't getting a mulligan from me. Hell I wouldn't even call the Switch a console. And focusing on just 1st party is what them into this mess, I wouldn't call it an unmitigated strength.

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Dark_Knightmare2256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Wii U was One of the worst selling consoles in gaming history so of course it was going to outsell that. It was a very low bar to clear

Eonjay256d ago

That not even close. There is a list of worst selling consoles and this is not close. Check out the top 10 worst.

Dark_Knightmare2256d ago

@eonjay I'm talking from the big companies from when Nintendo released their original system and on

Dark_Knightmare2256d ago

Got to love fanboys who disagree with facts. The Wii U was a massive failure that's fact and the switch outselling it was a very low bar to have to clear and that's fact yet fanboys are so sensitive they downvote facts and upvote positive and delusional opinions that are bias

whothedog256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Yes WiiU was a commercial failure, but Dreamcast, Ngage? Zelda BOTW almost makes up for it though. I doubt it was the worst without looking it up.

Erik7357256d ago

Even then, its outselling the ps4 more than 2-1 in Japan and its still struggling with supply

RosweeSon255d ago

Was it dreamcast sold Less and the Sega Saturn and the Virtua Boy and anything Atari released 5200 onwards, Jaguar etc. It's one of Nintendos worst selling consoles beaten by Virtua Boy as the worst or 64DD If You class that as a console but like the 32X I consider it more a failed add on like the Xboxs HD-DVD drives and Kinect etc.
The console itself was actually pretty fun (Wii u) the games were great prob why I still got mine (sure I've been playing a lot of other stuff) but the quality in the games is there still got Zelda Remakes Bayonetta 2 and Lego Undercover to nail through (darn backlog) but get it retired up soon and well I enjoyed it... much more than the Xbox one S I had for 4 months! Don't think I've ever sold a console that quick but when you know it's not gonna get used in future and it's not one for the collection... sold! Had my 360 for 9 years active and still got it but Microsoft been week this gen. Its not all about sales and thankfully Nintendo got the quality of products from hardware to software to whatever gaming related items you could think of Nintendo when they get it right... Smash it! And they get it right time and time again hence why when you look at a top 100 games of all times it's like 50/60% Nintendo 25%ish Sony 10-15% 3rd party's and then if your lucky Microsoft may get a game or 3 on there. Seriously lacking tho especially this gen it's like the first Xbox that I never cared for. Kept that 8 months ish, went to use it dead?... I'd barely used it, sent it off for repair nailed the games and sold it on, 360 is mircorsofts best console by a country mile hopefully it works out they do a good console every other gen and this Xbox one X is about as bad as their first Xbox... and now we're gonna bring the Duke controller that you all complained about and got discontinued first time round for a smaller model 🤔🙄✌🏻
5 million in 6 months the quieter months of the year no less and with limited supplies currently they've done pretty good. Mario barely 6 weeks away hopefully a smash port and Pokemon for next year or so, not to mention many unannounced games can't wait.
Guess Nintendo need to make a new manufacturing plant as with mini SNES 3ds/2ds switch Amiibos games etc they can't make the stuff fast enough.

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DarkZane255d ago


Actually no it didn't. It also took Xbox One 6 months to sell 5 millions units worldwide and they did it without Japan's help (not that Xbox One can actually count on Japan to sell even now).

Meanwhile the PS4 was at more than 7 millions after 6 months and the PS4 came out in February 2014 in Japan, so for 2 months, there was no help from Japan.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One were also hard to find after 6 months like the Switch (especially the PS4).

The Switch is doing as well as the Xbox One did in its first 6 months, however we have no idea how well it will do once supply isn't an issue anymore. For all we know (which most people are predicting), the sales will slow down to a crawl once supply isn't an issue because everyone who wanted one will have one.

Lexreborn2256d ago

I'm still waiting for after the first year sales to complete. I actually won't get excited until after I see it comfortably surpass the Wii U.

Lexreborn2256d ago

Lol disagrees because I'm not excited over first a rumor and second initial sales.

Gemmol256d ago

It was bound to pass 5 million, in Nintendo last report for sales from March to June 30, the system was at 4.7 million worldwide and this article from vg chartz say as of July 22 it sold enough to reach the 5 million mark

So vgchartz numbers is possible but we don't know if it happen quicker than the day vgcharfz say or did it happen later on

Lexreborn2255d ago

Oh so we are selectively choosing when VGchartz is viable or not. The gaming community never ceases to amaze on when the choose their sources.

rainslacker255d ago

Given the rate of sales, VGChartz seems to be shooting low. That would mean it only sold 300K in about 3 weeks since the June report came out.

FinalFantasyFanatic255d ago

Don't know why people are disagreeing, I'm being cautiously optimistic too at the moment. I don't want to invest in it and have it end up like the WiiU, although I strongly doubt it will at this point.

Lexreborn2255d ago

They are disagreeing because I'm not jumping up and down over an article like they are. I own the Wii U and as it stands it didn't take long for its numbers to take a decline and slow quickly.

The switch could also just have the same 14 million people who bought the Wii U buying it again. It could be a healthy blend of new and old. But I'm am still going to be cautious.

Especially since this is a personal observation. No one has to agree with me and I'm certain that the people who disagree with me also understand I already disagree with them.

Nothing I said is fanboying so it's more likely the people disagreeing with me are fanboys. And that's cool 😎

rainslacker255d ago

I was worried about that too, which is why I held off from buying at launch, but I think this system is going to be their 3DS replacement, and it just so happens to replace their home console as well. Since I feel it's going to be the 3DS successor, I think it's going to maintain plenty of support for it's time on the market, since Nintendos portable consoles never struggled there.

FinalFantasyFanatic255d ago

In regards to the WiiU, it just goes to show how quickly people forget history and how it tends to repeat itself.

Personally I'm okay with the Switch taking both the Console and Handheld market for Nintendo, the 3DS is pretty old by this point and I was expecting a successor at some point to retire it. And as you pointed out somewhere else in this thread, it is getting games that would traditional end up on 3ds (Pokemon).

sk8ofmnd256d ago

Could have been much more if it wasnt "apples fault".

DarXyde256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

This is great. I keep saying it, but I am all for Nintendo making a comeback. They have such a great presence in Japan and I'm really hoping for a strong return of Japanese games. It's no longer something Sony has to try shouldering alone. Who knows? Better sales and better revenue may mean bigger budgets.

To moldybread, I disagree with what you say about Nintendo having no presence in the US. They only device they released that didn't do well in the US is, what, Wii U? Their handhelds and consoles otherwise kill.

Theknightofnights256d ago

In fact, with the exception of the 3DS and I guess Virtual Boy, every Nintendo console has sold more in North America than anywhere else.

DarXyde256d ago

Forgot about the Virtual Boy.

Our age might be showing.

FinalFantasyFanatic255d ago

I'm actually wondering how he came to the conclusion that they don't have a presence, they sell most of their consoles and handhelds like hot cakes. Even here, almost everyone had a Wii and lots own 3DSs.

rainslacker255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

Funny thing about presence. Since the Switch released, I know more casual gamers who own one than own an X1. Of the people in my more hardcore circle, all but a couple want a Switch, while only a few want or have an X1.

Presence or not, they brand is popular, and people will be playing the system. One just has to look at the popularity of the 3DS to know this will happen. Even more so since Nintendo is going to be bringing it's major franchises to it on a regular basis.