Splatoon 2 Sells an Estimated 1.1 Million Units First Week at Retail

The team-based third-person shooter game from Nintendo - Splatoon 2 - sold 1,104,549 units first week at retail, according to VGChartz estimates.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory343d ago

It wouldn't surprise me if it sold over 4 million already.

FallenAngel1984343d ago

That's 30k less than what Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy sold in its first week, but Splatoon will have better sales legs

Dalailana343d ago

Crash is on a system with a 60 million install base. That's kind of bad attach rate wise.

Chevalier342d ago

Attach rates are a stupid way to look at things. Companies care about unit sales more. By your logic of attach rates Rockstar should be ashamed having 65+ million copies of GTA V sold because lets see 90+ million PS3 users, 90+ million Xbox 360 users, 65+ million PS4 users, 30+ million XB1 users and 1.2 billion PC users. So their attach rate is atrocious. They ONLY sold 65+ million copies to a possible 1.5+ billion possible gamers.

BoomNade342d ago

PS4 players have other games to play besides Crash...

remixx116342d ago

Attach rate is a horrible way to look at things, especially for a game that released on a console that has had an almost overestimated flood of high rated games since last year.

More consoles do equal more potential consumers but more games on said console equals more competition for your release to try and beat out.

generic-user-name342d ago

Crash is also on a system with a much larger library and therefore much more competition compared to Switch. Think.

rainslacker342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Once again, that isn't how attach rates are used, or even what it means as attach rates are not a measure of how a game sells on a individual basis.

With an individual game, it's called market penetration. With that, a higher market penetration is always preferred, but publishers don't look at it from the point of view that the game only sold to a small or large percentage, they look at the raw numbers of units sold. 1 million sold to a base of 5 million or 60 million means that the game still sold 1 million copies, and they got the revenue regardless.

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FallenAngel1984343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

You do get that attach rates are not 1-1 with the install base right? Software does not scale linearly with hardware.

The larger the userbase a console has, the harder it is for one game to have a huge attach ratio compared to a game on a console with a small install base.

Either way nice way trying to misinterpret data to discredit a game's performance. Both games did well opening week, but Crash had better opening numbers than Splatoon 2.

Gemmol343d ago

He said nothing wrong or discredit, a system with 60 million owners usually have bigger sales for games......
Look at Mario kart Wii it's the best example of a game that shows everyone if Nintendo had a lot of customers they can sell more than the best 3rd party......grant theft auto 5 on ps3 and 360 with combine hardware sold 30 million under 160 million ps3 and 360 owners......wii sold 32 million Mario kart Wii under 100 million owners before it got if Nintendo had more hardware sales, splatoon would of outsell bandicoot easily, but for how much systems is out there it did well

jaymacx342d ago

plus Crash is cheaper. Most fans of Crash wouldn't even think twice about scoffing at 39.99 + tax. Great value for a great series.

mcstorm342d ago

This is one thing people forget about Nintendo their big ips sell as well if not better than most Xbox and ps big names and most 3rd party games to. Thia is part of the reason I never see Nintendo dropping a console and going software only.

Glad splatoon has sold well and it shows people want the ip to and also shows you don't need bullets to make a shooter sell to.

I do hope splatoon starts the way of more new Nintendo ips with a different look about them.

FallenAngel1984343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Grand Theft Auto V sold a lot more than just 30 million on those 7th gen consoles. VGC has the PS3 version at 21.3 million units sold and the 360 version at 16.4 million units sold, and that doesn't even include the huge digital sales each version had on top of that.

Mario Kart 8 is an exception not the rule. There's few Nintendo games on consoles that've sold over 30 million.

I'm certain that if NS's userbase was bigger that Splatoon 2 would have a better opening week than Crash. I'm just pointing out what did actually happen in reality though.

Theknightofnights342d ago

Of the 12 games that have sold 30 million or more, seven of them are Nintendo titles. I understand what you are saying, but there are few games in general that have sold over 30 million or more.

Gemmol342d ago

did you not read, or you read one line and then respond, I said before mario kart and grand theft were bundle.......just selling retail only, mario kart had a 2 million lead with 32 million sales, and grand theft with 30 million sales.........obviously after some months and years since that day, of course it will reach 21 million on ps3, I never talk about end results

FallenAngel1984342d ago

@ Gem

Either way I'm not saying Nintendo titles don't sel well, especially when they've been shown to have strong sales legs.

Just that not every software will scale linearly with hardware.

Neonridr342d ago

yeah, on hardware that has like 55 million less. So should you be pointing that out?

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Prince_TFK343d ago

This is a really great game. Well deserved sales and I hope the devs keep adding more contents to the game.

Big_Game_Hunters343d ago

"vG chartz" anyway isn't Splatoon 2 already near 1.1 million in Japan alone?

GameBoyColor343d ago

yep, the sales of this game are phenomenal world wide

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