Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime Talks Potential For VR

Does Nintendo plan to use VR in the future?

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Babadook7344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Reggie: “[The] problem with VR is that there aren’t a lot of experiences that are truly fun.”

Wrong. There are a lot of TRULY FUN experiences already, only months after launch. And the potential clearly reaches beyond anything in gaming thus far. I can only speak for what I own but the psvr has provided me many experiences above 2d gaming. Robot rescue, Robinson the journey, RE 7, Farpoint, Statik, Shark encounter etc. etc. are all top notch not just for myself but the many guests who have tried them with me. I expect even greater things to come and hope Nintendo is bluffing when they say they aren't working on something in vr.

gamer7804343d ago

He's not wrong, there aren't alot of games that make it worth it, although the real reason Nintendo isn' they don't have hardware powerful enough to do vr without a new system

Vegamyster343d ago

VR looks really cool but it costs too much for what it offers as a whole, it has the odd fun experience here and there but i'm not willing to drop $500+ CAN for it. I'll be waiting for the cost to come down and for more games to support it whether it's PSVR or Oculus ect.

gangsta_red343d ago

Reggie is actually right, there aren't a lot of games for VR that are fun and there are certainly not a lot that would make most people spend 400 and up on a VR device.

rainslacker343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Kind of funny since some of the features promoted with the Switch are actually now linked to motion controls and immersion rumble. The only thing VR does is change the camera input control. It's still just a display, and while it's not traditional, there is nothing inherent in VR that isn't in every other game. Just a different experience for already existing products.

If reggie doesn't believe that there are a lot of fun experiences, then he isn't looking hard enough. I could name any number of current Nintendo games which could be a great experience with VR. Splatoon specifically, and even Arms could be exceptional with VR. BOTW could be great with a VR mode. Quite literally, half the games out there could be made to be great VR experiences, because all it is is a change in inputs, and a different way to view the actual experience being offered.

In any case, isn't this the same excuse Spencer gave to back peddle on their VR stance? IMO, if the fun experiences arent' there, then make them. Don't expect the software to be there before the hardware. Nintendo, of all companies are great at offering up refreshing ideas to make something fun.

It's funny how Nintendo didn't follow this idea when it came to motion controls. I'm sure there were a lot more people saying how there were no good games for that tech compared to VR tech. But look what was included with the Wii, offered with Kinect and move, and is now being offered in Switch. As far as I can tell, there are still plenty of people who say that there aren't that many fun experiences with motion controls.....which I mostly agree with....however, VR actually makes motion controls fun when done right.


He is wrong. He's talking about the potential of VR. His view of the lack of good games is not about the potential, it's just down playing the tech to say that it's not worth investing in right now. That isn't potential, that's a corporate stance, likely clouded by Switches inability to handle any VR tech.

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NeoGamer232344d ago

VR is a good technology idea but it currently is not doing well on console.

PS VR just passed 1 million in sales in June. Meaning in well over a half year, it managed to attract only one in every sixty PS4 owners. That is only 1.7% of PS4 owners bought PS VR as of June.

I think VR has a place in the future but right now it is a niche tech just like flight stick/fighting game controllers and 3D TVs. The market for them is not dead, but only a certain niche market wants them right now.

InKnight7s344d ago

Will selling 1 million of 400-600$ (without/with camera, Move controllers) addon and yet in the same period of new console(Switch) sells 5-6 millions is something so impressive for the most expensive add on device ever.

NeoGamer232343d ago

I am not at all comparing Switch sales to PS VR sales.

And I get that PSVR is expensive, but at the same time if it was a trend of gamers it would be selling a lot more. People just can't find a way to justify the cost vs the price and usefulness.

XStation4pio_Pro343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

60 million PS4s and 1 million psvr sales... and the attach rates of said psvr are slipping. That’s not a good sign. There’s more to the story than just sales and sales numbers need context to determine overall performance.

Forbes says:
“So the sad reality is (and overwhelmingly so) the majority of PS4 owners do not also own a PSVR unit. Such a discrepancy is often the kiss of death for expensive add-ons, mostly because developers who are actually interested in making games for such a device are looking down the barrel of a losing proposition; should they move ahead with VR development, they’re deciding to pour time and resources into a project that less than 2% of potential customers can even play, let alone purchase.”

Anecdotally on my end There’s been a healthy supply of psvr units at my local Best Buy (actually 2 locations) and even at my Target and they aren’t selling out - and that’s with supply constraint Sony has been facing with them. I could go pick one up right this second effortlessly. Couldn’t do that for a Switch.

Psvr has been out for quite a while now and even the supply constrained Switch has sold more than psvr in a fraction of the time... even in just japan. And the one X... the console that “nobody will buy cuz it’s $500” (only $100 more than the base psvr hmd with no camera or controllers) is expected to sell over 1 million units after launch within less than two months.

Leeroyw344d ago

I disagree. Everyone losing their minds that Nintendo has reached 5 million sales. On a new console.
One million sales on a VR peripheral is huge.. And speaking as an owner, it is one of the most amazing things to show a friend or family member. They are blown away by it.

NeoGamer232343d ago

I don't at all disagree that VR is very awesome. I have had VR since the first public prototypes of Oculus Rift. But, as a gamer that lives in a family of four where I am the dad, it is not very practical because my kids and wife often require me to participate as a family member while gaming so am used to always getting interrupted and putting the controller down and doing a few things then coming back. Total immersion is not an option for me even though I really like it. Constantly putting on and taking off the headset really is an annoying experience. And they few possibilities I do get to use it, does not justify the costs I paid.

XStation4pio_Pro343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

You should try an oculus or vive on a high end pc and you’ll see why console vr has a really long way to go. The experiences are quite different and the pc is waaaay more impressive... and functional, and reliable.

Derceto344d ago

This guy shouldn't be talking about "potential" for anything.

"Here's a TV that looks like an apple."

rainslacker343d ago

Or more relevant example,

"Look at this motion control which is all about immersion"

Very few games were said to be fun with motion controls, yet Nintendo themselves actually made WiiSports, which was probably one of the most fun games for it.

Motion controls were mocked all last gen. They rarely lived up to their potential, mostly because of tech and software. yet, here we are having motion controls in current consoles in some way or another. X1 launched with Kinect. Switch has it. PS Move still exist and is part of PSVR. Only thing PSVR really does is give more immersion, and change the input method of the camera. Nothing really more or less. What it brings is a different way to bring the player into the game, and if one can't see the potential that can bring, then they shouldn't be talking about games, or what makes a good one.

TheColbertinator344d ago

My eyes are not ready for VR.

bluefox755344d ago

Not with the Switch. If you've ever used Google cardboard, you know how bad a 1080p display looks in VR, the screen door effect is awful. I can't even imagine how bad it would look with a 720p display.

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