Zelda: Breath of the Wild surpasses sales of Twilight Princess in Japan

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild reached a major milestone in Japan this past week.

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Kun_ADR313d ago

Awesome news for Nintendo. I love BOTW and I hope the second expansion comes out soon.

Sono421312d ago

It's sad because Twilight Princess was a way better game. Miles beyond BOTW

septemberindecember312d ago

You are so butt hurt over people liking BotW it's hilarious.

Kun_ADR312d ago

I do agree that Twilight Princess was a great game, but after years of releasing Zelda games with almost the same gameplay formula, BOTW is an evolution to the series and was a needed shot in the arm.

There is a reason why BOTW ranks higher than Twilight Princess on Metacritic.

sk8ofmnd312d ago

Agreed, id also agree most games (except skyward sword) before botw were much better. Wind waker, twilight princess, majoras mask, ocarina of time, links awakening, and a link to the past were all better gameplay, story, and bosses wise than botw... But that my opinion. Also... The lands in botw felt empty and not as lifelike, the enemies were pretty much all the same with fewer varients and the bosses just werent as epic

EddieNX 312d ago

Twilight princess was not as good as BOTW. Maybe in certain aspects but overall BOTW is in a different league.

People aren't allowed to like BOTW though I forgot. Even though it's clearly one of the best games ever made

kevnb312d ago

Twilight princess had too many boring fetch quests.

SoulMikeY312d ago

lol, someone wants attention...

-GreenRanger312d ago

I don't like Twilight Princess. I've completely lost interest in it after completing the first dungeon. ALttP, OoT, and BotW are my favorites. Skyward Sword and ALBW are the best games not listed IMO.

Segata312d ago

WTF!? Sono be trollin yo.

Neonridr311d ago

nah.. he just has some impossible frame drops apparently. And anyone who says otherwise is lying.

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roadkillers312d ago

I hope they release a GoTY edition with everything included. I'm not downloading the extras.

mcstorm313d ago

Great news love the direction zelda has gone and can't wait to see what they do with it in the next one 5 or so years down the line.

Adnanilyas21312d ago

Have not finished this yet 145 hours in and by far the best Zelda game yet and a much needed evolution of the Zelda games

Kribwalker312d ago

Best game of the year hands down and arguably the best game of the generation. That game deserves every sale

sk8ofmnd312d ago

Twilight princess to me was just another version of ocarina of time just with a different story, midna, and the wolf wheres botw was a completely overhauled game like oot with everything feeling fresh and new... I imagine the next zelda will be similar to botw but more dungeons, varied combat, varied enemies.

kevnb312d ago

Breath of the wild reminds me of the original nes game.

Neonridr311d ago

yep.. here's the world.. go explore. You could go wherever you want, much like the NES game. If you went to an area that you weren't strong enough yet for you would get owned, much like the NES game.

Theknightofnights312d ago

I can see your point, definitely. I'd say it's a bit like A Link to the Past meets Ocarina of Time. The dungeons and items were great, but it still went through the all-too-familiar "Beat three dungeons (forest, goron, zora) then six more in a different world"

I'd say that Twilight Princess is a great game, but BotW is better, in my opinion.

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