Nintendo Made Us A Better Developer, Says Metroid: Samus Returns Studio MercurySteam

NL: "Spanish studio MercurySteam turns 15 this year, and it's about to have the busiest week of that impressive lifespan. The company's contribution to the Metroid universe - Metroid: Samus Returns - launches on 3DS on September 15th, while Raiders of the Broken Planet - an entirely new, self-owned IP created for PS4, Xbox One and PC - touches down on September 22nd."

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Retroman462d ago

Now why cant Metroid : Samus return come to ps4 \ X1X ?

Retroman461d ago

Soooooooooo, pietro Amigo

if anyone wishing and Hoping Metroid return come to ps4 \ X1X they Trolling right ?
According to Your logic games like Metroid or any other none-open world military ,zombie,hack an slash, rpg game don't belong on ps4

What's wrong with Metroid : Samus return on ps4 \ X1X? look Fantastic .

Lexreborn2461d ago

I actually feel like Kojima productions made them a better developer with LoS1. LoS2 and MoF were decent games but it's clear the impact Kojima Productions had on the quality of LoS vs the quality of its sequels.

If they didn't have so much politics and internal sabotaging with the other games they would've been great games.