Yes, Destiny 2 Delivers

At long last, Destiny 2 is here. It’s been hotly anticipated and cautiously monitored in equal measure since before its official announcement in March of this year. The first game had a controversial release back in 2014, with critics offering only lukewarm praise and general disappointment, yet it still managed to retain a remarkably active player-base far longer than most console shooters enjoy. While its critical reception improved with each of its four subsequent expansions — specifically 2015’s The Taken King and 2016’s Rise of Iron — players were looking forward to see how Bungie would make amends with a fresh start. Now, we know exactly what they had in mind.

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Sam Fisher435d ago

Finally someone that is making sense to all this crap, seemed very neutral, no bias writing here

Jinger435d ago

Agreed completely. Really enjoying it

mogwaii435d ago

Its got the same great gameplay and everything else has been expanded, im having fun and remembering just how sucked i to this game you can get, lol

chris235435d ago

delivers? the exact same experience? then i'll agree

LAWSON72435d ago

Unless you like shaders...

Kupa435d ago

I honestly don't get this at all. I like having individual shaders, and they give them to you often enough that I never felt like I was hurting myself by using one up.

LAWSON72435d ago

I have felt regret almost every time I apply any shader on anything.

Shaders being consumable ruins the whole system, which could have been great otherwise.

435d ago
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