The Evil Within 2 Demo Was So Terrifying and Gruesome I Left Rattled | COGconnected

COGconnected: We go hands on with The Evil Within 2 at PAX West 2017. The Shinji Mikami directed sequel is shaping up to be far more twisted than its predecessor.

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bloop132d ago

Are they releasing a demo?? Definitely want to get a go of this.

Skull521132d ago

I loved the first one, but since the reveal trailer which I couldn't help but see, I've gone media blackout on this game so I get the best experience with nothing spoiled

blu3_puls3132d ago

I really hope they will release the demo to the public at some point.

AntiZeal0t132d ago

Please, for the love of god release the demo

fastNslowww132d ago

First of all you must be 10 to find it scary, and 2nd of isn't director-ed by Shinji Mikami.

ReesesPuffs132d ago

First of all it's all relative to the player. Second of all the guy directing it was the one who directed the dlc which had the scariest moments in the game.

sk8ofmnd132d ago

I cant wait to play this game... The 1st was an evolution in the horror genre on consoles. So much that resident evil followed in its wake

OoglyBoogly131d ago

What did it do though? I played the first for a bit and saw nothing outside of the ordinary with games like these. I'm seriously interested as I remember a TON of people losing their shit over this game and I'm sitting here like what's the big deal?

sk8ofmnd131d ago

If you only played it for a bit how can you judge the whole game? Rarely games of this genre get the blood pumping and feeling of desperation and looming impending death. Maybe these types of games arent for everybody but i like them.

OoglyBoogly131d ago (Edited 131d ago )


Nah, it's not that these types of games aren't for's just I don't think this was the great example people think it is. And I've played an hour or so but watched more on some Let's Play videos and I see a game with a lot of great ideas but poor execution and pacing. Plus I had issues with the controls and sluggish/nonresponsive animations and what not. Was more a technical issue than the actual game at first.

Also didn't see a lot of horror either for being "survival horror"...most of the monsters and zombies could have been replaced by not-monsters and not-zombies and it would still be mainly the same.

Plus the characters and story was whack. The characters were either too not there to matter or too weird and odd to care about. Which is typical for a lot of Japanese games.

I don't know...based on what I've played, seen, and read it's not a bad game...certainly not in it's sub-genre...but it's not the end-all be-all that people make it out to be.

prankster101131d ago

I didn't think the first game was really all that either. Ended up selling my PS4, although now I wish I kept it. Hopefully the second game will actually live up to the first game's potential.

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