CoD 2018 Job Listing For Systems Designer Suggests Modern-Era Setting

Treyarch is searching for a systems designer with a knowledge of "modern military tech."

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Araragifeels 401d ago

Damn, I wanted another Vietnam COD from Treyarch. Well I guess that I will just probably not even buy COD anymore. Unless someone decided to MW4, I don't see myself buying COD in the future.

UCForce401d ago

Treyarch did made COD in Cold War and VietNam War. It called Black Op 1. But we have never see them do a modern era.

Araragifeels 401d ago

I was talking about another Vietnam, you moron and that why I said "another Vietnam" in my comment.

UCForce401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

I know what you saying. But Calling me a moron is just dumb. Like I said before, Treyarch never do Modern Time before. So please, if you want them to see another VietNam War, it would be awhile.

FullmetalRoyale401d ago

Good on you for taking the high road. I hate it when people respond like that guy did.

OT: I will keep an eye out for what the next CoD ends up being. This year's doesn't do it for me.

DeadSilence401d ago

Treyarch needs a modern Cod imo, they never made one so it's the perfect opportunity.

Treyarch is one of my favorite studios.

SourtreeDing401d ago

Finally this is wat i been waiting for Modern Day woot

TheUndertaker85400d ago

"Prestige 1 or above in Black Ops 3 Multiplayer."

Not a necessity but in my opinion good to see. Individuals working on these products should be familiar with previous iterations to know what the company already delivers.