Square Enix has "no plans to remake" Final Fantasy Crisis Core

Don't expect a Final Fantasy Crisis Core remake announcement anytime soon.

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PhoenixUp71d ago

Don't remake it, just remaster it for PS4

trumpwonstopcrying71d ago

not even remaster...just port the game and sell it on PSN for the ps4 and vita. heck a vita port should be simple they already have almost every psp game ever for download on it

feraldrgn71d ago

Simple port with Trophy support would be good for the Vita + PS4, a remaster with Trophy support would be even better though.

Teflon0271d ago

A port would require it be remastered. 240p or whatever the psp was can't just scale to 1080p or 544 and just be fine. Remaster can be simply. Be a up scaling of the game and fixing menus and so one. But it's a remaster as long as it's updated.

PhoenixUp71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

@ trump

It'd have to be remastered since it'd be releasing in HD on those platforms. Square Enix would never sell a Final Fantasy game like this only digitally and there's no reason why we would expect them to do so.

trumpwonstopcrying70d ago

Idk they ported the dissidia psp games to the vita and all of the ps1 classics so it seemed odd to me that they didn't port this one considering it would be a big digital seller. Maybe they are planning for a remaster to come out at some point...I'd be for it either way

PhoenixUp70d ago

That's not porting, that's backwards compatibility

DevilOgreFish71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

"Tabata: I think that'd have to be after the seven remake. I think once that's out, that might create some kind of chance for that. But at the moment, before that, I can't say if that's likely. I'm very happy to hear you suggest that, though. "

It's possible the FFVII remake will already cover some of CC in some form. so it's not mandatory.

Bhuahahaha71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

all this remake.... why not just make something like fft2

TheGamez10071d ago

doesnt need a remake, a remaster would be nice though

-Foxtrot71d ago

Why not just add parts of it into the FF7 remake

It annoys me because one moment they say "We can't fit everything on one Disc for the FF7 remake" yet the next it's "We are going to add a lot more in the remake, adding things and expanding on certain elements"

If they were going to expand or add anything why not add games part of the FF7 Universe like this to give more development to the characters and overall story.

DevilOgreFish71d ago

I would say leave FFVII's story left untouched for a shorten release. CC's story sounds better as an expansion.

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