Super Mario Odyssey Explores New Donk City in New Gameplay

Watch Mario explore the tallest skyscrapers of New Donk City in search of moons and coins in Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch.

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EddieNX 71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Dem 60fps tho

porkChop71d ago

I'll take 60fps over anti aliasing any day of the week.

carmelo4370d ago

im sure youll take 60fps even if the game looked like snes days rite? lol

porkChop70d ago

If a game were stylized to look like SNES games then what good would anti aliasing do? Yes, I would still take 60fps whenever possible.

Segata69d ago

Better game than Knack II.

FallenAngel198471d ago

Apparently the citizens of this city are called New Donkers

-Foxtrot70d ago

This looks like a blast, I would get a Switch for this.

DivineAssault 70d ago

This looks like its going to be incredible.. Easily the best platformer to date if done right

Kun_ADR70d ago

Damn this game look better and better by the days. Exploring and jumping all around ND City will be so much fun. October can't come soon enough.

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