Nintendo Exec Discusses The "Problem" With VR Right Now

Back in 2015, Nintendo executive Reggie Fils-Aime said virtual reality needed to become more compelling if it wants to catch on. What's he think of VR now? Much the same, it seems. Speaking recently at Variety's Entertainment & Technology Summit, Fils-Aime said the "problem with VR is that there aren't a lot of experiences that are truly fun."

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Apocalypse Shadow463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

First, I think Nintendo can hit the magic number of 10 million by March 2018 like they say they will. The system is selling well like I thought it could before launching. If they can continue to pick up 3rd parties to make games, then, they will be on the right path worldwide beyond the obvious love Japan would have with a portable hybrid machine with those great graphics. In the meantime, when Mario drops, the world will listen.

As for VR and "returning to it," Nintendo has never really done it at all the first time except by **name** alone. Virtual Boy wasn't VR. It was a 3D portable that did "stereoscopic 3D"
that was the successor to The Famicom 3D System
Which was a successor to 3D glasses on the NES/Famicom
Which years later became the Nintendo 3DS of displaying 3D without glasses

Nintendo has never done VR with motion and head tracking. And currently, Namco Bandai are doing Mario Kart at an arcade in Japan that they licensed the game from Nintendo. And that is a "FUN" game from what i hear about it. As for compelling "FUN" software at home, there are "FUN" titles to play in VR *TODAY* beyond Reggie's subjective thought that there aren't any for PC, console and mobile. VR just started. So obviously it needs time to grow the library of great titles like any platform. And there are a lot of social titles to play.

WeAreLegion462d ago

Reggie hasn't played much, I take it.

antikbaka462d ago

VR is dead and not supported enough. That's it. Simple.