Xbox One X or New Exclusives: Which Would You Choose?

Recently Game Insider editor Derrick Smith has been hammered with tons of questions concerning the Xbox One X and one question that has lingered is whether Microsoft should have invested in more software exclusives instead of the powerful Xbox One X.

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PhoenixUp346d ago

Is that really an honest question?

TheKingKratos346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

It's like you ask a kid whatever he want a new toy or the toy box.

alb1899345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Is not the same. With the X you can play the 90% of the games made and with better performance plus some games that won't spear Neve in other console or appear later.
Now, if you ask me if MS should make some SP, I will respond yes, it won't hurt.
I will buy the X and I'm very excited about it.
I will buy an HDR 4k tv too.
I'm not a kid, I have a family, friends and a job so I don't have the time. I wash sports and series and movies too and will start university again for another profession. Even so I have the PS4 and Xbox one but not because I want to buy all the Exclusives of PS4 it is because I like some games of each console. The experience that I have with Gears, Uncharted, Halo, Forza and God of War as Exclusives it's more than enough for me because the third party will offer a lot more.
So much articles just trying to proof that the X isn't needed.......well I will buy it and the reason is the freaking power and I don't care if it hurts.

morganfell345d ago

"...with better performance..."

Better performance than what? You do realize that all Xbox games are now on PC which means apples to apples. Want to discuss the performance on the top Xbox? Okay, let's discuss the performance of the same game on the top PC.

There is a chasm, a huge chasm that lies between playing a game in a slightly higher resolution and not being able to play a game at all.

Sitdown344d ago

Yeah, clearly the console gamer, alb1899, was referencing better performance in comparison to the PC rather than other consoles. Just like he most likely wasn't referencing the 90% as multiplatform games on consoles but that of PC. My gosh, how do you spin like you do without ever getting dizzy.

CoinOrc344d ago

I would rather MS make one, just one, exclusive on the level of uncharted or horizon.

Kavorklestein344d ago

A better metaphor is It's more like asking if you want a faster/better car...
You already have a car that gets you from point A to point B.
Some people are perfectly content to drive older models with less safety features/bells and whistles, and they enjoy paying a lower price than the super duper performance model with all wheel drive.

And the metaphor for games, is to be able to drive that car to new locations you've never been before... to experience new and exciting things you'd never dreamed of, or at least new locations that are similar to places you've been before, yet have something special about them specifically that make it worth the trip and paying for gas to get there.

Ideally, I'd want both.
If I'm being asked to pick between an Xbox one X OR new games, I'm never going to be limited to a one avenue stereotype by somebody else's idea.

Instead I'm gonna say Microsoft has the resources to do both, and should be doing a better job of always having strong waves of exclusive games throughout the year.

That said, I'm not going to switch to driving a Toyota just because Honda has made some weird decisions with their vehicles in the last year.

Same thing for xbox...

I'm not really a fan of playstation, so while I really wish microsoft had more exclusives, and while I really admire Sony for the level of exclusives they have each year, that does not mean I want a Ps4, and I certainly don't care about actually playing or OWNING 90% of the exclusives on Playstation.

If some one gave me a PS4, then of course I'd be getting Uc4, TLOU:R, H:ZD, maybe a few upcoming titles, and maybe a few multiplatform games like battlefield 1 etc... to compare to the experience on xb1, and that's it...

And I'm sure tons of people feel the same way about xbox... to them there's not much point.
And that's fine!

Now if we can simply just remember that people choose their stuff for their own reasons, and that there are tons of great products on the market for everybody to choose from... even Nintendo's machine is great.

If people could remember where their opinion starts and stops, there would be more meaningful discussions being had.
And hopefully less hate and concern trolling.

Skull521344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

XBOX without question. Most of the best games are multi platform, and after SOCOM died PlayStation had nothing to offer me anymore. Microsoft makes great exclusives with tons of content you can play for months on end while Sony exclusives are beat in a sitting or two then find themselves being traded in for something else.

Except Bloodborne, that game is f'n awesome.

bluefox755344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

@morganfell There seems to be a whole new segment of "fans", that are super concerned with performance (interesting word choice considering the 30fps norm of consoles)...but somehow not enough to unshackle themselves from consoles. Very bizarre.
Fan: "I want the best performance!"
Me: "Get a PC."
Fan: "I'm a console gamer"
Me: " don't want the best performance...?"
Fan: "Something, something, Pony!"
Me: "Okay then."

KwietStorm344d ago

That is a terrible analogy.

Why o why344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Blue. . You missed the part about exclusives. . . I mean. . There's a console that had good performance and more true exclusive content of a high variety and quality. By true I mean not on pc not just console exclusive. It was never ever just about power.

Guess what most of the game of the year games were last gen and this gen. . .clue. . .Not multiplatform. Exclusives matter and downplaying them or having the most powerful console won't put ms where they want to be. . Believe me they'd much prefer to be in Sony's position at this point in time.

spreadlove344d ago

It's more like asking if you want another single game, or the ability to play all your current games and future games much better. One is fleeting and passes by quickly, while the other is long lasting.

SojournUK344d ago

Most apt analogy I've seen on thIs site.

No Way344d ago

@Morgan. Okay, go ahead.. spend more on a gaming PC. I'll buy the One. There's been numerous system builds trying to make their PC as strong as the One - for as cheap or cheaper - and it hasn't happened. To my knowledge. Maybe in a year or so, but not right now.

So, it's really not apples to apples. Maybe orange to bloodorange. Similar, but not the same.

DevilOgreFish344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

"It's like you ask a kid whatever he want a new toy or the toy box."

that is actually an incorrect analysis. you can not play a game without a console. sure you can take the disc and through it around like a Frisbee, but that would be throwing away $65....

PistolsAtDawn344d ago

@Morganfell It's funny that you should ask "better performance than what?" cause just today I noticed that so far comparison videos regarding X1X seemed to have skipped comparing X1X to seems they are always comparing it to PC games running at the highest possible level or at "max settings"...and even in those cases, it seems like IF PC performs better, it's usually not by much.

kitsune451344d ago

I can't believe these are the same people who insult PC gamers.

morganfell343d ago

" IF PC performs better, it's usually not by much."

Be prepared for a similar situation between X1X and PS4. But the fact is people that are screaming "best performance" do not care about the margin. All I am doing is forcing their own words back at them. If performance really mattered to them, regardless of the margin they would get a PC. But that isn't why they are raving. They do not really care about the performance. Just the perception of being ahead in performance. And I say perception because it isn't reality. Why? PC.

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Relientk77346d ago

Exclusives obviously

Games are always number 1

rainslacker344d ago

Why does the choice have to be made? That's the better question?

MS is forcing the question, and people seem to be finding all sorts of reasons to say why they don't need more compelling games beyond things like SoT and CD3.

Seems counter-intuitive to a gamer to not want or expect games from a console maker, but whatever.

FinalFantasyFanatic344d ago


And that's the question people should be raking Microsoft over hot coals for.

Why pick their console when you can pick another, get all their games and some you couldn't anywhere else? I just can't fit an xbox into my gaming library when I already have a 360 for the older games, my PC/PS4 takes care of most newer/exclusive titles and I'm probably going to add a Switch in the future.

spreadlove343d ago

There is obviously no issue with either, unless you only care about exclusivity instead of real games. There are plenty of first party Xbox games coming that isn't on Playstation. The biggest game on the planet with the biggest update on Minecraft isn't. There are also Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, Cuphead, Forza 7, Super Lucky's Tale, and that is in addition to PUBG.

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shuvam09345d ago

What I see right now is do you want to buy a $500 XB1 + expensive 4K TV or 2 consoles for around $500 (PS4 + Switch) + 1080p TV + whole lotta game with the money saved...
If you want to show off you games and marvel at its beauty, go for combo 1...
If you don't care about quality pixels but quality games, go for combo 2...
For me, games will ALWAYS define consoles and not the other way round...

alb1899344d ago

So, don't you have any console?
Will you stay forever with old TVs?
If at this point you don't have any console is because you don't like games or maybe you are a PC gamer....I don't know but what I know is that I will upgrade my tv even without the X so it is unfair to put 4ktv and the X together.
The X Is just an upgrade, an upgrade that is making nervous some haters......but why?

FinalFantasyFanatic344d ago (Edited 344d ago )


To be fair, 4k TV prices are only starting to get reasonable now that average consumers can consider purchasing them, and considering how expensive a new TV is, it's a purchase you don't want to screw up by going "oh crap, I didn't get hdr or dolby vision or hdmi 2.0, ect...." On top of that, 4k content is still in it's infancy, I'm still displeased with the amount of 4k blu-rays I have to choose from. Most of them are too expensive on release so I wait for a few month to half a year to purchase them.

shuvam09344d ago


Already have a PS4, will get a Switch this holiday...
Just giving my opinions...

joab777345d ago

Hey, Id prefer to buy a new box to sit on my shelf while I play the new games on something else. Wtf

I guess if I had a ton of money, a a great PC, a Pro and Switch, I might think about it. Nah, probably not. If you don't have a PC and don't want one but love PUB or PoE or Black Desert, I guess the X1Xbwouod be a good buy.

Bigpappy344d ago

I am getting the X1X! I have no idea what exclusives you are referring too.

Is it a choice between GTSports; God of War and X1X with Antham and Assassin's Creed? I am going with the X all day. Every day.

Nyxus344d ago

Anthem and Assassin's Creed are also on PS4.

Unreal01344d ago

Bigpappy genuinely believes there is no exclusive issue on the Xbox One 😂😂

MegamanXXX344d ago

Not surprised coming from a Xbox fan.

rainslacker344d ago

Never in my life have I seen people try to justify a complete and utter lack of quality exclusives on a system. Even when a system gets the typical, "no games" argument, at least there are actual decent AAA games that are compelling enough that can be pointed to to say how that saying is utter BS. Right now, MS has nothing that I'd say is worth pointing to. They have some exclusives, but not a single one of them is really in that AAA compelling level, and I've watched Xbox fan boys systematically lower their expectations of a console makers software output to utterly ridiculously low levels.

Earlier this gen, and even with the Vita, and even the PS3, the constant "Sony has no games" still saw them releasing more exclusives from their 1st/2nd party in a single year than MS has lined up or all their wares for the next two years, yet not a single xbox fan boy will say that MS is failing in the most important aspect of supporting their customers.

I'd actually feel sorry for them if I wasn't an Xbox owner and just hoping MS actually gets their act together, but now I just think the Xbox fans are enabling MS to half-ass this gen, and don't even seem to care if MS gives them something worthwhile on a consistent basis. Apparently all MS has to do is release hardware to please a lot of the Xbox fan boys around here. I'm sure they can do that indefinitely and quite a few people here will be perfectly happy, but somehow, when Sony releases the next "most powerful console", we'll be back to "power doesn't matter", or "Sony has no games".

Bigpappy344d ago

The question is: Exclusives or X. I did not mention Forza or Sea of thieves because we are not comparing Exclusives. It excusive on PS4 or "X". I prefer "X" by a mile.

Why o why344d ago (Edited 344d ago )


Don't waste your time pitying the deluded types. They've made their bed so let them sleep in it . They'll take it as long as ms give it to em. The apologists will continue to go on like all's well and nothing should change... ignorance is bliss as they say and their ways aren't affecting us so let em be. They could find 50 false reasons why the gap is so large or that they don't care like they didn't care about power from gen start.... I mean, if they did they'd all at least have ps4's by now since having the least powerful console must of been a living hell. ;) Live and let live...

Sad thing about the question is that it shouldn't have to be a false dilemma. MS have been in the game long enough and have the finances to achieve both. 1 step at a time maybe but they seem to be going backwards with the output, especially compared to last gen.

TheColbertinator344d ago

Wait. Assassins Creed Origins on PS4 was cancelled? When did that happen?

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344d ago
shiva1344d ago

If the answer is games then the follow up question is where is the power to handle games on your consoles.

If the answer is xbox one x then the follow up question is where are the games.

The same idiots who are now saying games were saying PC is the best place to play games and xbox has no power and is weak system until now. They just want consoles from microsoft be stopped from manufacturing i guess.

For the discussions sake.... How many exclusives have the competitior launched this year? And yeah how many are successfull new IP?

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Liqu1d346d ago

New exclusives. Why would anyone not want new games?

freshslicepizza346d ago

The Xbox One already has over 1,000 games. So how many games do you need? It will also receive new games like Destiny 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2 along with other games that can't be found on another console such as Forza 7. So again I ask, how many games do you need?

The XB1X is not a either or situation. Sure Microsoft hasn't been putting out as many new titles as its competitors but it's not like they are Valve and don't make new games. What a silly premise of a topic.

Nyxus345d ago

They need more exclusives to differentiate themselves from the competitors.

MegamanXXX345d ago


Unfortunately he don't understand that. Just a matter of time for him to see that after the One X launches.

Liqu1d345d ago

You can never have enough games, everyone who plays games knows this, but keep up the damage control. For a so called PC gamer you sure do cheerlead for Xbox a lot.

345d ago
CP_Company345d ago

oh,so xbox has over 1000 exclusives? good to know :) good for you!

ILostMyMind345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Unfortunately, he pretends doesn't understand that.* 😉

Dragonscale345d ago

Thought you were a pc gamer now moldy. Why do you even care lol.

Death345d ago

"You can never have enough games"

Have you considered buying more?

Dark_Knightmare2345d ago

No what's silly is your ridiculous need to constantly defend Xbox when you're a "pc gamer"

Liqu1d345d ago

@Death No I haven't considered buying more because I do buy more when I want them. 0/10 try again.

trooper_345d ago

Where's these games moldy?

Or are you quoting Wikipedia as truth again?

WePlayDirty344d ago

Over 1000 games? Are you including the backward compatible OG Xbox and 360 games? lol. Wow. You really are grasping at straws now.

CDzNutts344d ago

If you can play most of those games outside of Xbox, then those games aren't the reason to buy an Xbox....or a PS4. They both do the same thing at the same quality.

Therefore, people are going to buy one or the other based on what makes them different. Controller aside, exclusive games are the only difference.....and since they are gaming consoles, thats a huge difference.

TKCMuzzer344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

So what you're saying is, you DON'T want more variety of games to choose from? I'm not convinced you're a gamer at all.
It's not a silly topic, its just a topic with an obvious answer (except for you). If you can only afford one console this Christmas, do you A: Buy the most powerful one or do you B: By one that is not as powerful but can play all the same 3rd party games plus a vast selection of titles only available on that console at a cheaper price.
A lot of people who buy consoles are about value for money, that will always play a big part in the decision.

You are an odd feller (or female), it's almost like you justify MS not making games, they must look at fans like you and think, cheers, we will carry on as we are as you see no wrong doing. Make a fuss man (or woman), stop defending and start demanding.

bluefox755344d ago

@Dragonscale I've been wondering this for quite some time, lol.

XabiDaChosenOne344d ago

How manyof those 1000 games are actually any good moldybread?

rainslacker344d ago

If a system has 1000 games, then I'd want it to have 2000. The more games, the more chances to be wowed or feel excited.

I can get behind a consoles power when it's new, but after that, it's all about if they'll keep me excited with the software. The power is there just so I can have some sense of what may be possible. After that, it's time to show what is possible, and MS doesn't seem to care to show what is possible on a consistent basis.

The industry is in a place where the console makers should be expected to provide compelling software for their customers, because that's what the console makers have been doing for over 30 years now. What you are so happy that MS is doing is basically just a licensing model akin to 3DO, where the console maker isn't responsible to push the boundaries of their own hardware to raise the bar for other devs. Things like Halo, Gears, Fable, GOW, UC, Zelda, or Xenoblade set standards. The hardware is just the means to demonstrate those standards.

yomfweeee344d ago

If no one cared about exclusive games, why has Xbox been getting dominated with a cheaper system for 4 years?

No Way344d ago

Nyxus - again, why? The only people who benefit from exclusives to "differentiate" are the console maker.. If you own both, what's the point in exclusives? You get to buy and play what you want.

I want good games, I don't care where I get them. I play on the PS4, PC and Xbox. What of it? :D

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Markusb33344d ago

Some people maybe just prefer to own a box and brag that it's the best box. Who knows but more games should be better than less games. Everyone us different but when I finish a game I move on, forwards not backwards. To get excited over playing older games with improvements is a strange concept for me. I see no reason for the pro or x to exist. Especially when you see god of war running on a base ps4. Surely if you are obsessed with power and performance you have been a pc gamer for quite a while by now.

ninsigma346d ago

No reason why their shouldn't be both. Xbox one x is a very nice machine but its software needs some serious additions. If I had to choose I'd pick new games.

Death345d ago

No one said you can't have both.

ninsigma345d ago

Tell that to Microsoft, not me.

Death344d ago

Microsoft is making and releasing exclusives. They also have exclusive partnerships with third party developers. It's PlayStation fans that didn't get the memo or are in denial. Of the three platform holders Xbox has the least amount of exclusives along with the least global appeal. This hasn't changed since the original Xbox released.

You guys keep saying how important exclusives are. Go buy them. It's easy to say they are a must have, it seems to be a little harder to actually pay for them. Most are lucky to sell to 2% of the user base. Keep trying to convince yourselves that games 98% of the available gamers don't want are more important than they actually are.

Games are obviously the most important thing for a console. Exclusives help differentiate consoles from each other. The bulk of games sold are multi platform. If the vast majority of games made and sold are multi platform, why do you guys believe exclusives are more important?

WePlayDirty344d ago

Death. I guarantee you're not accounting for the used game market or online purchases or waiting till games drop in price. You're getting your numbers from where? VG chartz? That's all fine and dandy, but don't go around saying definitely only 2% of the install base buys exclusives when you don't have the data to back it up.

Nyxus344d ago

@ Death: the problem is that those multiplatform games are also on PS4 (or PC). No reason to get an Xbox One then. Exclusives are the reason to choose one console over the other.

TKCMuzzer344d ago

People's budget says you can't have both. Most powerful console or the most games to choose from? To a gamer the answer is obvious.

FinalFantasyFanatic344d ago


I'm pretty sure I've bought almost half of the P4's exclusives, then again, I also buy the exclusives on PC/3DS/Vita when I'm interested. Normally I have enough money saved for the games I want, but there are some months where the PS just snows me under and I end up waiting 3 or so months for those games to drop (some games never seem to drop in price much though e.g. 3DS games, some PS4 games). I'm sure I'm not the only one that factors exclusives in when making a console purchase.

Most developers go multi-plat to rake in that phat doe, I'd do the same if I was them and there was little risk involved, strangely enough, people like money. Consider Xbox has fixed most of the problems it had during it's initial announcement (unless those problems damaged the brand, but I don't think it has) , the only issue it has that differentiates it from PS is the games library. That must be the only reason the PS4 keeps dominating it, I can't see any other major differences between the two consoles at this point in time. Unfortunately, I'm having alot of trouble finding recent reliable attach rates for each console, but I suspect this support my theory.

Ding344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Death15h ago
Microsoft is making and releasing exclusives.
============================= =

Rubbish. MS are trying to join the PC with the XBone via the bloated Windozze 10 platform.... Name me a single Win 10 exclusive which will make a Windozze 7/8 fan update to Win 10??

They also have exclusive partnerships with third party developers.

Exclusive 3rd party partnerships = 2nd party developers idiot, those games will never released on other systems.. Sony have an entire division in Europe specifically for this 2nd party, its Sony Liverpool's XDEV [eXternal DEVelopment] which looks after devs like Quantic Dreams, Kojima Productions, Supermassive, Housemarque, awa Evolution and Media Molecule until Sony Europe bought them.

============================= ================
It's PlayStation fans that didn't get the memo or are in denial. Of the three platform holders Xbox has the least amount of exclusives along with the least global appeal. This hasn't changed since the original Xbox released.
============================= ==================

So a fat lot of good non-exclusives have done for them eh???

============================= ===
You guys keep saying how important exclusives are. Go buy them. It's easy to say they are a must have, it seems to be a little harder to actually pay for them. Most are lucky to sell to 2% of the user base. Keep trying to convince yourselves that games 98% of the available gamers don't want are more important than they actually are.
============================= ========

And the PS 4 and Switch are stomping on the Xbone why again??

============================= ======
Games are obviously the most important thing for a console. Exclusives help differentiate consoles from each other. The bulk of games sold are multi platform.
============================= =======

Rubbish. Sony would much rather 10x devs sell 1M units recoup their dev costs and fund their next game, than 1x sell 10M and 9 go to the wall. Exclusives are about keeping your employees employed, nothing else.

============================= ========
If the vast majority of games made and sold are multi platform, why do you guys believe exclusives are more important?
============================= =======

Because there are more Xbots who own a PS 4, than PS 4 owners which own an Xbone. Do the maffs

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Nyxus346d ago