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Microsoft revealed Xbox One X’s specification via Digital Foundry in April. They confirmed specs announced at last year’s E3 presentation. 6 teraflops of GPU raw power, faster CPU and 12 GB of super fast GDDR5 memory. But this is not all that we have learned about this console. Microsoft also shared their “Scorpio Engine” tech …

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theXtReMe1313d ago

This is article does not inform us on any new information that isnt already known. The author not once tells us any real customizations that were done to the CPU. He just tells us that there were some done, obviously he doesn’t know what they are, but he knows they will help CPU throughput and possibly offload some of the calculations to the GPU.

Something that 99% of the population already knew. If you’re going to claim that you’re going through some of the customizations that they did to the CPU, know what they are and be ready to explain them. Unfortunately, I learned no new information from this article because you obviously had no clue what any of those customizations were.

I’m not trying to be overly harsh, but there are so many click bait articles here on N4G and YouTube, then it gets very frustrating having to sift through those that have no news and instead we’re just ways to get people to click through to the website. I have no problem going to your site and reading an article that tells me specific customizations to the X’s CPU, though this taught me absolutely nothing new that I didn’t already know. I have been looking furiously for an article that goes through those customizations that they made to their CPU, to know exactly how it’s going to help offload some of the calculations in order to create a better environment to be able to hit higher frame rates. I’ve yet to find an article. I’m not sure why Microsoft hasn’t released that information and why a site like Digital Foundry hasn’t asked. Id really love to know, as I love new tech.

Fishy Fingers313d ago

Opening sentence tells you all you need to know:

“Microsoft revealed Xbox One X’s specification via Digital Foundry in April”

Go to DF.

ImGumbyDammit313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Yeah, but I was hoping for more info. Even DF said they couldn't talk about everything at their reveal. And E3 really did not give us more info that wasn't already provided prior to that show. So what exactly was DF not allowed to talk about?

traumadisaster312d ago

It's been that way for years. In fact I can usually spot it by the title. Then I just go to the preview and look at the comments and see which website. Usually it's gamingbol* or dualshoc* or an unheard of site and I don't click on any of them.

But at least we have df, and really I just come here after going to eurogame* anyway.

Pantz312d ago

It's just a reminder that the most powerful console ever to be released is only 2 months away.

cabbitwithscissors312d ago

Yup, it's Microsoft Xbox One Secret Sauce and Cloud Computing Magic...with a sprinkle of dedicated servers on top.

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alb1899313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Is a good read refreshing and packing all what have been said about the X.
It is a monster console, a monster update for XBOX.

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Melankolis313d ago

This is more like an "advertisement for geeks" than an article.

rlow1313d ago

He may not introduce anything new in the article but he does compress a lot of what's known. Makes for an easy quick read, if you want more in depth then go to DF website............What I love about all the customization is how it allows the Xbox1x to punch way above it's weight class. All these Pc guys thinking their mid-tier system is more powerful are in for a wake up call. If it's just about raw power, that never tells the whole story. Just like a car engine, it's all about the mods you do that can take a plain jane engine and turn it into something special. Can't wait.

traumadisaster312d ago

Actually df has stated again recently, but this time in their halo 2 coverage that xbox runs it at 30 fps and not 60 fps which is a deal breaker for me. So you are kind of missing the point because running a game at 4k30fps with some screen tearing and dropping of frames is not equal to a mid-tier pc dropping settings to reach 60 fps at 1440 or 1800, etc. On pc there are often many settings that when dropped down, it's really hard to impossible to notice, so I can get 4k60 with reduced settings.

I hope xbox cpu does have some special mods that can give a 60 fps option at any resolution.


The biggest difference will be Memory, and PC gamer who is educated on hardware and built their own rig knows that 12gb 320+gb/sec memory will be night and day over the existing consoles 8gb Slower memory. The GPU and CPU boost is nice but settings like Textures will be equivalent to their Ultra PC counterpart unlike the Pro, PS4 and X1. As well as any other memory extensive task like LOD, Draw Distance, Object count, etc.

kevnb313d ago

There is simply more to it than that though, there are many amd cards that look like they would beat the nvidia counterparts on paper but come up short.

312d ago
kevnb312d ago

It's not just the drivers, it's the way the cards are engineered as well. Nvidia is much better at overcoming bottlenecks.

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